Republicans won't even count the votes of their own

The New York Times is reporting that our beloved Speaker Orange has just pushed through rules changes at the Republican National Convention over the objections of delegates. Not only did he ignore the voice vote against the rule changes (which was louder than the voice vote for) to declare the rules passed, he didn't even acknowledge its existence!
The House speaker, John A. Boehner, called for a vote on the rules on Tuesday afternoon after Mr. Romney’s advisers said they had reached a compromise with activists on Monday night.

When Mr. Boehner called for the “ayes,” the crowd roared in the affirmative. But when he called for the “nays,” an even louder “no” echoed through the convention hall, led by supporters of Mr. Paul.

Mr. Boehner ignored them, pressing ahead by saying the rules would be adopted “without objection,” even as the crowd continued to roar its disapproval. Mr. Boehner announced that the rules were approved and quickly moved on to the adoption of the party’s platform.
To be specific, these are the rule changes that will basically allow the party establishment to prevent any grassroots uprising. How you like them apples, Mr. Tea Party? You didn't actually think the Republican party was interested in anything more than your blind hatred against the president, did you?

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