How was that overseas trip, Mr. Romney? I suppose that depends on which definition of trip one is using. Mitt Romney visited three countries that would almost surely constitute a hypothetical "axis of America's best friends" and proverbially tripped and fell on his face, leaving disasters in his wake. He insulted the British about the London Olympics, and made racist comments in Israel (that is racist against both Palestinians - obviously - and Jews, because hey, why not milk that Jews-are-just-cold-hearted-money-grubbers line). While Mr. Romney was super busy making sure his foreign trip in 2012 looks diametrically opposite of then-Senator Obama's in 2008, his campaign was "helping:" they found a reason why Romney would be better as President with respect to England - because he's white, and, um, you know. And his campaign spokesperson told the press to kiss his ass in Poland.

Let's hope he keeps his going, because if he does, he might soon be able to kiss his presidential hopes goodbye, as you can see on the combined charts on the right.

The polls coming out right now are only getting worse. A Pew poll out today shows President Obama's national lead widening to his best ever of this election season of 10 points. The Quinnipiac poll released earlier in the week shows President Obama moving into solid lead positions in crucial swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania (by 11 points!) and Florida.

We keep hearing from pundits on TV that all those gaffes won't hurt Romney. And they're partially right. No one gaffe will hurt Mr. Romney decisively. But it isn't about one gaffe or another. It isn't about an individual action. It is about a narrative of Mr. Romney's that is supported by these things. Voters may care less about foreign policy this year and more about jobs, but they take notice when a potential president visits other countries and acts like a petulant, entitled, condescending racist. They think twice about whether that is the man they want to be represented by to the rest of the world. Voters take note when a candidate is not just running against the media but running from the press. Voters take note when a candidate manages to screw things up in three out of three countries he goes to.

Voters notice when a candidate who is running on tax policy hides his own tax returns from the public. Voters notice when a candidate running on the supposed failure of current economic policy won't release any details of his plans on the grounds that if he did, people might criticize the details (oh, good heavens, we can't have that in a democratic process!). Voters notice when you are running on your business experience but your campaign position is that you weren't responsible for what your business did. And voters are simply not falling for this "I won't show you my plans for anything, but trust me" thing anymore.

Mitt Romney thinks that he will be able to win the White House because he will have gobbles of cash from his rich corporate moguls - both for his campaign and for the "super PACs" that are working on his behalf. He thinks that he doesn't have to show you peasants anything to earn your vote. What all of this shows is that Mitt Romney has a characteristic contempt for the average working person, for anyone not up to his "class." Is he right? If the polls are an indication, he's not. But there's only one poll that matters. The one in November. Let's prove him wrong then by a landslide.

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