UPDATED: Mitt Romney's Catastrophic Choice: Paul Ryan as Vice President Running Mate. What It Means? Has The Election Already Been Won?

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Photobucket Mitt Romney has finally tapped his Vice Presidential running mate, the Congressman from Wisconsin, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who mocked Romney Massachusetts' Health Care plan saying Romneycare Is an 'Unsustainable' 'Fatal Conceit', while just a couple of days ago Romney spokeswoman spoke positively of it. The decision could not have been a god sent decision by Romney camp for the Democratic party. The Obama camp has been given a gift that just keep on giving from the Romney camp as Mitt Romney has just doubled down by selecting one of the most extreme Tea Party darlings who is ready to take this country to the failed policies of the past.

The House Budget Committee Chairman, Rep. Ryan, known for his "I will take your Medicare and Social Security" budget plan (the Path to Prosperity) could not have been one of the worse picks for vice president but this doubling down by the Romney camp to appeal to the Republican base while alienating seniors who rely on both Medicare and Medicaid, has probably secured toss up State like Florida into a solid Obama State for the November 2012 Presidential Election as soon as the Obama camp defines who Paul Ryan really is and introduce him to the American people.

Romney to this day does not have a plan when it comes down to detailed policy for the future of America and this selection is pretty much a full endorsement of the Ryan plan that will pretty much take us backwards and by default Mitt Romney's adaptation of the Ryan plan into a Romney plan. For America, what the Romney/Ryan GO BACKWARDS Team mean for America amongst the many disastrous effect includes:

  1. the Repeal of ObamaCare to deprive Americans from the many benefits of the Affordable Care Act (OBamaCare),
  2. destroying the most successful safety net social welfare programs such as Medicaid and food stamps by converting it into block grants for states to run their own programs so that States can systematically gut it out,
  3. ending Medicare’s promise to provide health care to the most vulnerable Americans,
  4. slashing Kindergarten to 12 grade education funding not to mention cutting over a $100 billion dollars from the Pell Grant.
  5. raising taxes on the middle class by increasing the tax burden on a middle class tax hikes while cutting tax rate down to 25 percent from 35 percent for the wealthy.
  6. increasing the deficit
An article by Robert Schlesinger, The Illogic of Romney Picking Paul Ryan for Vice President, pretty much sum up Romney choice as a sign of lack of his own vision for America and clearly a weakness and a problem for his campaign. He states:
This potential problem would be mitigated if Romney had laid out a strong vision for the country so far, but he has run a campaign which has become famous (infamous?) for its lack of policy specifics and detail. At the same time, Romney has by apparent design remained something of a personal blank slate for the general public (except for the devastating definition Democrats gave it in July). Romney's basic campaign message has been: I'm not-Obama (since the middle of June, more than 90 percent of the ads Romney has run have been negative, according to the Washington Post's ad tracker). Is his campaign really going to fill in that blank slate with someone else's detailed agenda?
It appears that way to me and it is game time. By the time the Ryan Plan is unmasked faster than who Paul Ryan is, it is my believe that this election will be in the bag for President Obama and many House and Senate Democratic candidate. For more on what a Paul Ryan VP selection would mean, Ezra Klein has a great summation here.

UPDATED: 8/13/12 @10:30am

A comment by a member of the community [Keithnohio] on this post is worth sharing so I have included the comment in its entirety for all to read so that we can all keep our eyes on the prize since there is a lot of hard work in front of us:

I can understand Progressive and Liberal's euphoria over the Ryan pick, but I am very cautious. This desperate move was made by the Koch, Rove, and Nordquist Fascist Pact. They have their TeaParty darling one step away from the Whitehouse!!! It is clear their PLAN is to steal the election with all the voter suppression in the swing states. The governors and Rethug legislators of all those states are working over time to suppress legions of Democratic voter's right to vote. In my home state of Ohio the Rethug legislators passed a law where only Rethug counties can vote 3 days early prior to the election and Democratic counties can't. How is that legal and not a violation of the voting rights act? Not only that the infamous Diebold voting machines are still owned by Teaparty Corporate enthusiasts. The point I am trying to make is there will be no landslide victory for PBO and the Dems or victory period if we do not GET OUT THE VOTE and the DOJ does not slow this Fascist-like movement of voter suppression. The Republican party of today so much reminds me of the Nazi Party in 1930's Germany. We have a lot of work to do folks and I believe even in the Obama campaign's GLEE they believe that as well. Paul Ryan is a young ideological demogogue whom can preach his deceitful magic. He is a Catholic that worshiped an Atheist named Ayn Rand. Never rest or get complacent. This election won't be won until either candidate concedes defeat on the night of November 6th. FORWARD we march!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

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