Mitt “The Lubricated Weathervane Candidate” Romney’s 18 Flip Flop Positions with Videos. Who is Mitt Romney and Can You Really Trust Him to be Your President?

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How could one respect a candidate who is always opportunistic and an expert in double talking simply to win an election? I can respect a person who has conviction and dignity with a principle that is grounded even if it is different than my ideology but how could anyone truly think Mitt Romney who engage in over the top veiled deceit and absolute deception is a leader material?

Mitt Romney has a truth problem and in fact he has said so many things through out his political career, I don't think he has any position that can define who he really is which is a reason why I personally feel Mitt Romney is a very untrustworthy man. Not so long ago, his former 2012 presidential rival, Gov. John Hunstman called Romney, a "perfectly lubricated weathervane" accusing him of changing positions depending on which direction the wind blows.

A must see Rachel Maddow program has picked up on Mitt Romney's misleadership as shown below and I hope the rest of the MSM will catch up with her.

Well, I have also put together a compilation of Mitt Romney's flip flopping positions and evidence why this man can not be trusted:

1) He was Pro choice before he flipped against it.

2) He was for individual Mandate before he flipped against it.

3) He supported strong Gun Laws before he flipped against it.

4) He supported a path to Citizenship for undocumented workers before he flipped against it.

5) He was for Health Care Plan for the Nation similar to OBAMACARE before he flipped against it claiming RomneyCare is only for MA while his advisers confirm ObamaCare kind of Health Care plan would save lives in other States.

6) He believed that Man effect climate change before he start having a lapse in memory.

7) He was Pro Cap and Trade before he flipped against it.

8) He supported the Stimulus before he flipped against it.

9) He was for strong campaign finance laws that called for spending limits and abolish political action committees before he flipped against it.

10) He would have let Detroit go Bankrupt, now wants to take credit for it's success.

11) He claimed to not return to Reagan policies before he flipped and called Reagan "my hero" embracing his policies.

12) He was for payroll tax extension before he flipped against it.

13) He wasn't for a flat tax system before he flipped against it.

14) He supported and attended fund raising at Planned Parenthood, now would like to defund it.

15) He said DADT is silly and can't wait and look forward to seeing the day where Gays in the military serve openly, before he flipped against it saying DADT should be kept in place until conflict is over until he become President and cook another war.

16) Mitt was Pro-stem cell research before he flipped against it.

17) He said it was not his desire to go off and serve in Vietnam before he flipped and claim he longed to actually be in Vietnam."

18) He said he was not in favor of privatizing Social Security or making cuts before he flipped against it.

Does this man has any principle at all?

At the Plum Line, Greg Sargent, has a great observation about how a man of so many inconsistency has not been held responsible and been given a free ride by the media for his many flip flopped positions he has held just to be elected:

Call it flip-flop fatigue in reverse. First Romney flip-flopped to the right, away from previously held positions, in order to get through the primary. While some of his rivals objected, many commentators treated it as business as usual, as stuff Romney just had to say to appeal to the right wing base. And now, precisely because commentators previously decided he didn’t mean any of the stuff he said to get through the primary, few if any are holding him accountable for those positions now in any meaningful way, and he’s paying little price in the way of pundit scorn for flip-flopping right back to the center again. It was all part of the game before, and it’s all part of the game once again.
Well, I refuse to take this as a game and as concern citizen we all have a responsibility exposing this man's lies and flip flopping positions as it is a serious character issue that makes him un-presidential. Say no to the games Mitt Romney has been playing and let's forcefully expose him by spreading these flip flopping positions and the fact that he can't be trusted!

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