Washington, D.C., March 21, 2010

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defined the stakes of the 2012 election this way:
"Everything is at stake. Civilization as we know it today," she said, catching herself with a laugh. "That's all. So, no pressure."

"Everything Is At Stake..."
by nancy a heitzeg

I love that picture. Nancy Pelosi, the First Female Speaker of the House, marching - in her lucky lavender pumps no less - arm in arm with Representative John Lewis, veteran, to be sure, of so many Marches. Carrying the Great Gavel used when Medicare was passed into Law. On their way to vote on the Affordable Care Act.

I love that picture.

I love what it represents -- a day when those who had been at the Margins, were at the Center, when government -- however imperfect - was aspiring to better the lives of ordinary people.

This is what is at stake. Everything - yes everything - is at stake here.

The choice in 2012 could not be clearer.

Forward into the 21st century, finally on a pathway to the better visions for this country - the promise of equality, inclusion, the dream.

Or Back - all the way back to an antebellum era where only white men with property, wealth and title reign, at the expense of the people they own and the poor who labor, without pity, only for their enrichment.

Make no mistake. Romney/Ryan/GOP are out to erase 150 years of pain-staking snails pace progress. No to Social Security, No to Medicare, No to Environmental Protection. No to Women, to Communities of Color, to Immigrants, to LGBTQ. No to Voting Rights. No to Education, to Science, to Regulation, to Labor Laws, to Unions. No to Taxes for the Rich.

Please do not be distracted by the blatant lies and obfuscation.

Please do not be either lulled into the complacency of over-confidence or suppressed into the despair of not voting at all.

If you are already committed, please re-double that commitment -- by calling, canvassing, registering new voters, GOTV.

If you are one of the 90 million unlikely voters, please consider your obligation to both yourselves and our collective future.

If you are disillusioned with the slow pace of change, please try to summon patience and the resolve to Occupy the Voting Booths so we all get the breathing room to fight another day.

This one is entirely on us.

We will be out-spent by wealthy interests and their millions unleashed by Citizens United. We will get no assistance from a media that is increasingly driven by right-wing bias, or so -called "journalists" afraid to confront misrepresentation and out - right lies.

Turn off the TV. Clear out the Noise. Listen to the Planet. Listen to your Better Selves.

Talk to everyone you know and those you don't.

Then Rise like Lions....

Because Everything is at Stake..

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