Dear Teaparty Feces: Can You F@#king Handle The Truth?

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PhotobucketSorry to disappoint you but Nate Silver has done the math that gives President Obama a 69.4 percent chance of winning the Electoral College on Nov. 6. Moreover, I can say that the road to electing the most disingenuous, dishonest, untrustworthy, pathologically lying, flip flopping Mitt Romney to the Presidency is like watching Russia from land while seating on the porch of Sarah Plain's home.

I understand the affinity you people and those of you not so out in the open may have towards a person of the same color. White. For some of you, White is just what you know all your life. To be honest with you, its human nature to physiologically feel comfortable with people of the same race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. We all stick with those we feel we understand better except unlike you many normal people give people from all walks of life and background the benefit of the doubt and embrace their difference while seeking to learn from them. But, doing that is being compromised in your book. Totally understood.

PhotobucketThe doctrine of hate to other people of color or religion has been passed on to you by your parent and their parents and their parents parents, drilled into you like white on rice. Your privilege has empowered you to be hateful and stay hate filled waving your racist slogan for generations. You never take a step back to try to understand why your party platform is doomed and good people are running as far away from you or warning you that the era of purity is long gone . You feel facing the reality of our changing world is so disturbing you want to rewriting history promoting bigots and racists and chauvinist pricks.

I know you will not vote for President Obama because he is BLACK. Plain and Simple. I guess he is just too not so familiar to people in your world. I bet watching that Kenyan Muslim on TeeVee 24/7 feels like you have been punched in the groin. You despise the fact he is doing a job you think belong to a White MAN. I know you are threaten by it. It leaves a bad precedent for the future generation of blacks seeing a Black World Leader since it empowers Black Americans and any minority groups. I know that this is a defeat to you and not progress.

A century ago, your great grand fathers used to lynch people that look like the President and today a person that looks like the victims of your ancestors' wrong doing is on top running the most powerful nation in the world. But again, you won't respect nor vote for him because he is just too fucking BLACK to you. Nothing you put forth as an argument is about his policies but utter hate and disgust you have for the man personally.

You hate the fact he is not greedy like you, he is not selfish or self centered like you. You hate the fact no matter what you say, he is not that "angry black man" you have been trying to paint him with. In fact, he kills you with his kindness when he responds to you in balanced way and gets the backing of the majority of Americans. You just don't seem to have the intellect to really understand him not to mention he is just too fucking smart for you.

Nothing President Obama will say will sink in your head because you have built a wall, a huge barrier, between you and the Black President. That Barrier is called HATE. You have been brainwashed by the number one Republican party divisive and polarizing narrative that multiculturalism is the main threat to White America or should I say White Supremacy, and if you don't resist it, you will end up without your privilege. Oh ya, your narrow minded mentality will assume the Blacks, Mexicans, Gays and Women will take your fortune and make you their master. The craziest thing is you really believe every kind of Karl Rove and Koch Brothers garbage.

I know some of you would break away from the saying "birds of a feather flock together" by distancing yourselves from the bigots you have been dancing with while still embracing their ideology. Today, you claim to be "Independent". Independent my ass! You are just like the driver of that getaway car in a bank robber heist that did not see the inside of the bank. You are a traitor to your own kind as well as your opposition for being invisible while catering to sick ideologies.

Your ideology is full of whackjob fringe ideas you want to destroy the whole concept of government. You want to take away the most successful social safety programs, Medicare and Medicaid from Grandma and Grandpa and gamble on retirees Social Security fund. You claim to be for small government while you want to grow the already largest military complex industry, increase the funding for Homeland security to eradicating and expunging undocumented immigrants in the name of securing our boarders. You want to restrict a women's right to choose and want to own and control her body in the name of saving an embryo only to take away their right to have affordable health care the moment they are born while you champion death and the death penalty.

You all are intellectually challenged. You are not dumb (well, I will take that back and say half of you are fucking dumb) but you sure are stupid and ignorant. You are so ignorant often times, you don't think critically and embrace things that does not serve your best interest. You are ignorant to believe a Medicare voucher system that will increase senior's health care cost by a $6400 per year is better than what has worked for the last half century. You are ignorant to think otherwise when told that ObamaCare will prevents denial of coverage to children with pre-existing conditions or allow adults up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ health plans, or requires new health plans to provide free preventive care without cost-sharing such as co-pays or deductibles, or when told that ObamaCare prohibits insurance companies from rescinding coverage but your stupidity is so obvious you will look the other way even if your own family benefits from it because you are blinded by the color of this man's skin.

The bottom line is, you are nothing but a teabagging feces who are the scum of this world until you wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. I am not counting on it. Look at the people who look like you, some 42% of them and ask why they are not threatened by a Black President or don't feel the way you do. Ask the question how did they transcend to embrace one of the smartest President ever and are not afraid of a Black President and multiculturalism? Here is the simple answer -- they know that their President is working hard everyday looking out for Americans best interest even fucking including you but your ignorance and hatred has overshadowed you to realize the truth and it has become your worst enemy.

The funny thing is President Obama still believes in you. He has given you the benefit of the doubt that over time you will change. If it was me, I would tell him to write you off. That's why he is the President of The United States and I am a blogger in the cyber world with big stick spanking your racist asses.

Fuck you, you Teaparty Feces!

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