#WIRecall Open Thread

UPDATE: Walker survives recall, but Democrats knocked out one GOP state senator, apparently assuming control of that body.

Here's your Wisconsin recall election open thread. A couple of things to remember as we watch the results come in:
  • Democratic areas like Madison are going to have more people voting than were previously registered, thanks to WI's same-day-registration law. Now you know why the Republicans want to get rid of same-day voter registration.
  • Anyone who is in line by 8 pm can vote, or register and vote.
  • Scott Walker is not the only person on the recall ballot. His Lt. governor, as well as 4 WI Republican state senators are facing recalls. Winning even one of those would alter the balance in the State Senate.
  • Exit polls are showing that while the recall race for governor is extremely close, the voters who are voting today would give the state to Obama in November.
Sit tight, comment, and enjoy. It's going to be a long, exciting night.

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