Glenn Greenwald Wets Pants at the Taste of His Own Medicine

Glenn Greenwald had a positive meltdown yesterday as he went after progressive blogger 'extremeliberal', for a couple of tweets he'd written about Greenwald, admitted worded with salt. Greenwald had a hissy fit over 'extremeliberal' tweeting his personal opinions that Greenwald was flirting with treason by consistently sticking up for terrorists and indiscriminately bashing President Obama. Here are the tweets that had Greenwald wet his big-boy pants:

A bit salty? Sure. Over the top? Maybe. Why do I say 'maybe' instead of a full-throated 'yes?' Because as I have documented here on TPV multiple times, Greenwald has a special affinity for sticking up for terrorists, and accusing anyone who would dare to support national security policies of President Obama as essentially treasonous lackeys. For example:
And to top everything, he's called Blackwaterdog, a prolific Obama supporter and blogger, as well as a Jewish woman, a nazi propagandist. (see here for detail)

So here's my question. "ExtremeLiberal" was asked to step down from ABLC on Raw Story - which is a decision by "AngryBlackLady" (another one of the most intelligent bloggers out there today, and one of my absolute favorites), who runs the ABLC blog. I completely understand that decision, and my bet is that Jim (ExtremeLiberal) does as well. But if his tweets are offensive, what are we to make of Greenwald's own words basically calling President Obama's supporters treasonous Nazis? And if Jim's tweets are offensive enough for him to have to step down from Raw Story, why is Glenn Greenwald still writing for When will he be fired?

I have had it with the double standards. I have no problem with Jim being asked to give up his position to blog on ABLC. But if his comments are offensive, Greenwald's smears of the President's supporters have been off-the-charts absurd, offensive, and degrading. I am calling on Kerry Lauerman, the Editor-in-Chief at to fire Glenn Greenwald.

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