Big Money Can Buy Democracy, Only If YOU Let It

The Citizens United election is coming. This November. Now that Romney has secured enough delegates to be the Republican nominee, his campaign and the RNC raised a combined $76 million, surpassing the combined figure taken in by the DNC and President Obama of $60 million.

But we do know this: Mitt Romney and the RNC are raising money from big dollar donations - 98% of President Obama's May haul came from donors giving less than $250 a piece, while only 15% of Romney's did. Here's how the Obama haul looked in May:

We have more donors, by far. But they are getting more money, because they can raise it from deeper pockets. Are Romney's big donors tapped out? Clearly not. But a lot of them may be tapped out when it comes to giving to Romney and the RNC, and may have to direct the rest of their donations to Super PACs. That's not good news, but it's better news than if they could give it all to the RNC and Romney. Campaigns and the party get discounted rates for advertisements on television, which outside groups don't get.

Make no mistake, Romney comes from big money, and his friends have bigger money. They will do everything they can - which is basically to write fat checks - to try to buy the presidency. We must counter them. With what? With your $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 donations. Can we do that against the flood of money from the Right? Let's see:

  • Currently, the Obama campaign has 2.2 million donors.
  • In May along, more than 572,000 donors gave an average of $55 a piece.
  • Roughly 20 million donations average $55 a piece = more than $1 billion.
Will we be able to get 20 million donors? Maybe. Maybe not. Can we get 20 million donations? Why not? Every penny counts. Every penny you give every month counts. Every phone call you make counts. Everything you do counts.

So make it count. FORWARD.

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