Progressive "journalism" watch: Goalposts (UPDATED!)

So in the "progressive" Firedoglake we can find the horrifying, but expected news.

"Progressive News": "Pelosi Shifts the Goalposts – Now Draws Line on Bush Tax Cuts at $1 Million".

Ooh, a favorite story for the "progressives" and the GOP : Democratic Wimps Cave Again. Proof

Regressive "News": "House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi,[...] fired off a letter to the Speaker asking for immediate consideration of an extension of just the “low end” tax cuts – which include the Bush-era marginal rates for households making up to $1 million. This represents a shift in the dividing line for the Bush tax cuts, which has traditionally been at $250,000.

You see Democrats don't know how to negotiate as well as genius progressive bloggers who know that digging in always works - that's how Custer won at the Little Big Horn, after all.

Reality: [in 2010] "Senate Democrats offered to extend the tax cuts for income up to $1 million, not Mr. Obama’s proposal of  $250,000 per couple limit."

So Democrats have always set the line at $250K except when they didn't. And it couldn't be that Pelosi knows Boehner will never bring it up so she's trying to make the contrast of Democratic and GOP positions as stark as possible: she has to be "negotiating with herself".

The regressive analysis: "When the dividing line was $250,000 a year, the revenue was around $800 billion over a ten-year period. I don’t have a strong grasp of what the numbers would be at $1 million, but my guess would be half that, if not more. So from a deficit reduction standpoint, this makes pretty much no sense."

"Guess"?  Where oh where  could we find an actual analysis of how much is saved?

"let me just say about these high-end tax cuts:  80 percent of the tax cuts go to people making over $1 million a year — people making over $1 million a year." - Nancy Pelosi in 2010.

UPDATE: Poor thin skinned Mr. Dayen responds by calling me a "professional troll" and explaining the the marginal tax rate. The problem is that when you insist that the goalposts have moved and 10 seconds of google work shows that Democrats have proposed both the $250K and $1M figure in the past, you cannot justify your shoddy work by changing the subject (and getting that wrong too).

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