President Obam was never the progressive candidate

When Candidate Obama became President-Elect Obama the "progressive" critics who had been attacking him for being a crook, a right winger, a Reaganite,a homophobe, and a fast talking black guy who was fooling the well-intentioned, suddenly explained that they were disappointed supporters who had truly believed his promises to be the progressive left banner waver or, at least had suspended disbelief.

Obama Betrays Us, Of Course - Matt Stoller 2007

In the whole McClurkin fiasco, one interesting note here is that Obama seems to have built the opposite of the Dean coalition  - Matt Stoller later in 2007.

If Obama wins, and I think he will, he will win like Jimmy Carter won.  He'll win as an operational conservative, because that's what his campaign believes. [...] Obama and his inner circle are completely unconcerned with their responsibility to the people who voted him the nomination, so much so that they think nothing of openly lying on core Constitutional issues. - Matt Stoller 2008.

Obama always promised to throw progressives under the bus.  It shouldn't be a surprise.  But it is!  Through lovely actions like this, Obama is accelerating the process of waking up from the dreamland progressives have been in for years.  - Matt Stoller December 2009 

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