Mitt Romney's job creation demand clashes with his job creation record

Mitt Romney went on the campaign trail to seize on this month's numbers, narrowly. He thinks he'd create 500,000 jobs per month!
Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, immediately seized on the numbers, and blamed the lackluster report on President Obama’s policies. “We should be seeing numbers in the 500,000 jobs created per month,” he said. “This is way, way, way off from what should happen in a normal recovery.”
Okay, well, let's do some math. From the Romney campaign's own claims, Massachusetts added 50,000 jobs in all of his 4 years of being governor, during far better economic times nationwide. MA has about 2% of the US population, and adjusted for that, if the US creates jobs at the exact same average rate as Mitt Romney did in MA when he was governor, we would be adding approximately 52,000 net jobs a month. That, compared to the 4.25 million jobs added in the last 26 months since the beginning of the Obama jobs recovery, or an average of about 163,000 jobs per month. And this comparison doesn't even take into account the Republican-caused economic catastrophe of late last decade that President Obama has had to contend with. If Mitt Romney were in charge, we would be in a depression by now.

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