The luxurious life of GOP Julia (too bad for the rest of you)

The Life of Julia - a presentation put together by President Obama's campaign to point out the stark differences in vision from middle class women and families under President Obama vs. Mitt Romney - got the Republicans in a tizzy. I think I know why - Republicans believe that Julia would be born rich, just like their nominee, obviously. Duh you liberals!

So here's my attempt at a slightly altered version of Julia and how a Mitt Romney presidency would treat her, provided only that our GOP Julia is born to rich parents, marries rich, and stays rich all her life. That, compared to what things are likely to turn out for women not as fortunate as GOP Julia under President Obama's policies. For a slide show - click on the first thumbnail below, and then you click on an image to go to the next, or navigate through your keyoard's side arrows.

The Luxurious Life of GOP Julia

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