I have had it with the pious baloney

I hate to use a Gingrich term, and I don't care much for religion in political commentary, but I've had it. Cardinal  Donald Wuerl, Washington's archbishop for the Catholic Church, is very upset that Georgetown University would invite Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to speak at its graduation ceremonies.
[Georgetown President] DeGioia “does not address the real issue for concern — the selection of a featured speaker whose actions as a public official present the most direct challenge to religious liberty in recent history,” reads the statement from the archdiocese, which covers the District and suburban Maryland.
Yes, we're supposed to learn about religious liberty from the people who think women should not have the religious and moral freedom to choose whether or not they want to use birth control. We're supposed to take religious liberty lessons from archbishops who think that their views on religion and morality should be forced down the throat of everyone - Catholic or not - through the raw power of the state, whether it be the right of women over their own health care decisions or that of everyone to marry the person they love.

We're supposed to take religious liberty lessons from people who think healing the sick and making health care affordable and accessible to all - which is what Sebelius is implementing - should take a back seat to some invented right of a Church to control the health care decisions of women.

I have had it with the pious baloney.

If Archbishop Wuerl wants to represent his Pope's position, fine. That's what he's there for. If he wants to be incensed about a Catholic institution of higher education choosing a Catholic speaker his Church doesn't like, that's his prerogative. But to term the attempt to force one Church's position down the throat of a free institution of learning in a free country as "religious liberty" is more than a little rich. To attempt to silence both the freedom of that institution as well as that of its speakers and couch that as a stand for religious liberty is a bunch of pious baloney we don't need.

Here's the bottom line, Archbishop. You cannot both demand that the religious position of a given Church be forced down the throat of everyone through the force of law and then claim to be for religious liberty. You cannot attempt to silence the speech of Catholic women on Catholic college campuses and then claim that somehow that is the position of freedom. Freedom is not your right to impose your Church's views on the rest of us. On the contrary, freedom is every individual's right to live free from - or freely accept - your Church's teachings.

Enough with trying to sell bigotry and misogyny as "religious liberty." I have had it with the pious baloney.

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