Why is Huffington Post Taking Money from Scott Walker?

Scott Walker's dirty money is funding Huffington Post. At least according to John Nichols of The Nation Magazine. On Tuesday, Nichols went on the Randi Rhodes show to discuss the Walker recall in Wisconsin (by the way, if you haven't given to Tom Barrett and can afford to, please give), and in that conversation, he dropped a little bombshell - that the Walker campaign is advertising on the Huffington Post, and the Huffinton Post is happy to accept their money.

Here is the full interview:

Here's the relevant portion, starting around time point 6:05.
JOHN NICHOLS: I [talked to] a friend today... or, couple days ago. She's a very progressive college professor, top ranking radical accountant in America. And she went online to check out the news about the recall on Huffington Post. And when she went online, an ad popped up - you know, you can click the video. She clicked the video. It is an ad produced by the Walker campaign targeting liberal women.
It's nice and all, I suppose, of the Walker campaign, to target liberal women. As much as I despise Scott Walker, you can't really blame a political campaign for wanting to advertise everywhere possible, especially when they are swimming in a sea of cash. What's interesting is that the Huffington Post - a supposedly liberal outlet - is happily accepting Walker's money, the money given to him to try to keep his governor's seat by people who want to turn Wisconsin - an America - into a feudal society.

Huffington Post boasts 28 million visitors a month, and brags about catering to the upper class elite. And they are making a conscious decision to air Scott Walker propaganda to those viewers in exchange for a fee. Now, before anyone goes, "well, TPV's ad bars show ads from conservative sites sometimes!", or even "hey, even Randi's show accepts ads from Walker!" let me clarify that (a) ads on TPV come from Google's advertising network, where I don't choose or approve the ads, (b) ad revenue on TPV is next to nothing. In case of Randi, her show, and most of her stations, are owned by Premiere Radio Network, and as such, ads are not under her direct control. Huffington Post and its owners have far greater control over which ads they accept and reject, and frankly, they can afford to reject ads without taking a loss. But they choose to take Scott Walker's money on the one hand, and speak about how much they support Labor on the other.

They take Scott Walker's dirty money on the one hand, and on the other, spread propaganda stories about DNC's lack of involvement in Wisconsin. Does this sound like a progressive media outlet? But then, what would you expect of an outlet whose founder and editor-in-chief openly and happily spreads lies for the Republican nominee?

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