Karl Rove steps all over Mitt Romney's big "bang"

Matt Rhodes, Mitt Romney's campaign manager (you gotta feel sorry for the poor sap), wrote in a memo today that the Romney campaign is starting the general election with a "bang." Sure, he threw out a bunch of inside-the-bubble words to make his memo sound all important and stuff, but really, his message was that Romney is starting in a big way. Well, it seems that while Rhodes' memo was still in nascent form, Rove was already stepping all over it. Here's Mitt Romney's big "bang" according to Karl Rove:

Even if you take NBC's much-better-for Romney swing state map, here is Mitt Romney's... uhh... 'bang,'

All of these "toss up" states were won by President Obama last time around, and Mitt Romney is in deep trouble in almost all of them. Let's go through them quickly.

Florida: Romney didn't do himself any favors among Latinos in Florida by promising a veto against the DREAM Act, and by demanding that immigrants go home. They don't like Mitt.

Ohio: They make cars and car parts in Ohio. I doubt very much they will vote for the guy who demanded that the US auto industry be allowed to tank.

Pennsylvania: Swing state my rear end. Even though it is always tagged as a swing state, the last Republican to win PA in a presidential election was George H. W. Bush, in 1988.

North Carolina: A true swing state. But in all honesty, if Romney can't win NC, he might as well start writing his concession speech now.

Nevada: It could go red, but then again, it re-elected a Democratic senator in 2010, when a blood red wave was sweeping the country.

Colorado: This is a state where young voters will be crucial. Let's put it this way: if the youth turns out to vote in Colorado, Mitt Romney can kiss the state goodbye. And anyone who's thinking that the President has lost his mojo with young voters since 2008 needs to simply check out the president's appearances on college campuses pushing for Congress to keep student loan rates low.

Not to mention that the Obama campaign is actually making a play for Arizona, and if they are successful in putting it into contention, Romney needs to start praying hard.

Seriously, if this is what the "swing" state map looks like, Mitt Romney is royally screwed. Maybe that's why even Karl Rove thinks that President Obama will win re-election.

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