In Defense of Ted Nugent, Allen West Develops Amnesia

Tea Party nutjob and Florida Republican Congressman (is that redundant?) Allen West - after majorly failing in his attempt to spread a new red scare - went on CNN today to defend fellow gun-nut Ted Nugent's threat against President Obama. Watch:

West says that Nugent has "no ill will" towards the President. Right, things like telling the President to suck on his machine gun to claiming that an Obama re-election would make him act in a manner to end up in jail or dead... where'd you see the ill will in that? But here was the worse problem - West doesn't think that comments directed towards the previous occupants of the White House was taken as seriously by their security.
Well, there’s a lot of people who didn’t like President [George W.] Bush and we didn’t have to cart them in front of the Secret Service, so let’s just let the people who are responsible for investigating take care of it.
Was Allen West around in the 2000's? People got dragged before the Secret Service for a lot less than what Ted Nugent said when Bush was president. Hell, a man got dragged before Cheney's security forces for telling Dick Cheney to "go f*** yourself," and one would think that that's the least offensive thing one can say to Cheney, given Cheney's contempt for American law and Cheney's propensity to direct the same phrase towards his political opponents in public.

In case anyone needs a reminder, here's what happened - in the aftermath of Katrina, no less:

And here's what happened to the person (a physician, it turns out, who lost his house in the hurricane) who undoubtedly only expressed an opinion and in no way presented a physical danger to the then-Vice President. In Dr. Ben Marble's own words:
...two military guys wearing MP armbands and green fatigues came by, saying they were looking for a guy wearing an orange shirt who had cussed at the vice president. And at the point point, I said “Well, that’s probably me.” And they were like, “Oh really, that was you,” and they said, We’re going to have to detain you for questioning. You are not under arrest. We’re going to have to put you in handcuffs. Do not run.”
So for doing what is clearly one's right in a free country - but doing it by throwing words at George W's veep will get you a visit from people carrying machine guns, and cuffed and questioned. But heaven forbid the Secret Service wants to talk to a gun nut who's been making physically threatening comments against the President of the United States (and the Vice President and the Secretary of State).

Umm, you know what? Go f*ck yourself, Mr. West. By the way, if readers are felling like showing Allen West just how they feel, here's the Democrat running against this manifestly insane man: Patrick Murphy- show him some love!

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