Super Tuesday Open Thread

Ohio update 9:32 pm Pacific: NBC News just called Ohio for Romney. The numbers are essentially a draw. But this definitely keeps the race from being wrapped up for Romney; good news for Democrats.

Ohio update 8:32 pm Pacific - possible recount?: With 91% of precincts reporting, Romney leads 37.6% to 37.2% for Santorum. This is very close to the automatic recount threshold in Ohio.

Well, well. It sure is shaping up to be a close fight between Santorum and Romney in Ohio right now, isn't it? At the time of this writing, 8:17 pm Pacific, Romney is ahead by about 4000 votes. I am hoping against hope that Santorum pulls this out. Nothing will give political comics more fodder and the Republicans a longer primary.

Thus far here are the wins tonight:
  • Romney: OH, MA, ID, VT and VA (where only he and Ron Paul were on the ballot)
  • Santorum: OK, TN, ND
  • Gingrich: GA
  • Ongoing: AK
In other news, Dennis Kucinich has lost the Democratic primary in the newly drawn 9th Congressional District to Marcy Kaptur. I'm not too sorry to hear that, I must say.

Whatever happens int he GOP race, we know the real winner of tonight's primaries: President Obama.

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