RNC's desperate spin on Obama recovery: The weather is conspiring against Republicans!

The GOP has a new enemy in their fight to stop jobs from being created: the weather! After news that the economy is escaping GOP's death grip with momentum on the side of jobs thanks to the leadership of President Obama, the RNC held a conference call for reporters. They spun the good news every which way possible to make it look like bad news, but this has to take the cake:
In a conference call with reporters hosted by the RNC, economist Douglas Holtz Eakin said the current rate of growth was not strong enough to provide work for previously discouraged job seekers now returning to the labor force more optimistic about finding employment. He also expressed concern that the jobs numbers were being inflated by an unusually warm winter, which allows more construction work and encourages more shopping.
Oh noes! The weather is helping Obama!!!! I say we need to legislate the weather right away. In fact, I say mother nature - conveniently a woman - must submit to a vaginal probe before she can decide to be the wrong temperature.

Never mind that cold winters have their own seasonal jobs - like extra ski trainers and ski resort employees and more snow plow drivers, for example, and their own spending generators - like people who go skiing, or people who travel to warmer places during the winter. But hey, don't try and tell that to these RNC "economists." Also, just because the four warmest winters on record all occurred within roughly the last two decades (out of 117 years on record), doesn't mean there's global warming or anything.

Also, never mind that people don't just "go shopping" and eat out because it's nice outside. They have to first have the money to spend. Which more and more people do, thanks to the Obama recovery. There is also no construction without, you know, money for the construction, which more and more businesses have, thanks to the Obama recovery.

Of course Douglas Holtz Eakin - of the "John McCain created the blackberry" fame - is not the only Republi-nomist picking up on this dangerous conspiracy by Mother Nature with the Obama campaign. Wall Street's mouthpieces are at it too, wanting to create a damper on the economy.

I can't stop laughing. They have lost every other argument to drag down the economy and to put a negative spin on the Obama recovery, and they have now ended up at the weather! But who knows, maybe in order for Republicans to start helping on climate change, they need to first be convinced that climate change is helping Democrats!

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