GOP to women: Just close your eyes while we stick the government up your vagina

Close your eyes...

Is it that nice Peter Gabriel song? Wait, it's close your eyes, not in your eyes. Hmm, what could it be? Is it a mom comforting a sick baby? No, it's Pennsylvania's whackjob GOP governor Tom Corbett reiterating his support for possibly state-mandated rape, and definitely state-mandated medical procedures on women seeking an abortion. But you see, women don't have to look at the state-mandated ultrasound. They could just... close their eyes.

Pennsylvania's Women Seeking Abortions May Not Be Aware That They're Pregnant bill has been amended to take out references to transvaginal ultrasounds, but that doesn't mean the requirement for transvaginal ultrasounds is gone. You see, in the first trimester, when most abortions are performed, usually only a transvaginal ultrasound can meet the requirements of the kind of fetal manifestation that Gov. Close Your Eyes here wants to see.
Sponsored by GOP Rep. Kathy Rapp, House Bill 1077 would force women to undergo an ultrasound, hear the fetal heartbeat, and present images of the fetus to her abortion provider before she can get an abortion. But, the kind of ultrasound required would have to be a transvaginal ultrasound. According to PennLive, “Rapp’s bill does not specify the type of ultrasound a woman would be forced to undergo to have an abortion. But since most abortions performed in Pennsylvania are done in the first trimester, a transvaginal ultrasound likely would be ordered.”
Just great. But then, maybe that's their real wish: they wish people would just turn a blind eye to all their stupid, wingnut, regressive policies.

Evidently, even after massive public outcry and a precipitous drop in opinion polls, the Republican party is not quite done attacking women's health with draconian measures. This is what they really care about. The GOP didn't "shift" the national conversation to social issues; this is what they wanted to focus on all the time. Republicans do not consider themselves to be elected to office to help the economic recovery or to protect the rights of every American. They consider themselves elected to stick things up women's vaginas, mandate rape through government, and empower the government to practice medicine and invade the privacy of at least half of its citizens. So much for "small" government.

I would say the Republican party is going over the cliff, but that's an understatement by now. Let's remember this in November, and let's wipe out as much of the GOP from as many public offices as possible.

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