Desperate for a Whiter America: GOP Faces Disaster Among Minorities and Women

In a new CNN poll, President Obama captures a 51% approval rating, up from the last couple of months. It seems like the Republicans' desperate attempt to tar and feather this president with gas prices is not working. President Obama beats Mitt Romney 54% to 43% among registered voters, and 56% to 40% among all adults. But real devil, as they say, is in the details. When you look at the details, you find out where the Republican party has ended up: almost exclusively a party of white males, and they are having trouble holding on to either of those categories while Democrats and President Obama are racking up huge advantages among minorities and women.

I don't think I have to reiterate the war on women. I'm going to give you a look in charts on the race and gender gaps.


President Obama's approval, while 51% among the total population, is a whopping 78% among non-whites, and only 40% among white voters.

Similarly, the Democratic party, which enjoys a 48-35 favorability advantage over the GOP, has a 67-22 advantage among non-whites. Whites find both parties equally appealing.

And Barack Obama handily beats Mitt Romney by a 54-43 margin, but he creams Romney by a whopping 61-point margin among racial minorities.
Now you know why the Republicans are in a hurry to pass voter ID laws to try to disenfranchise minority voters.


The gaps are smaller for women, but here they are:

Women approve of Obama by a 54-45 margin (men are split at 48-48).
54% have a favorable view of the Democratic party while only 34% have a favorable view of the Republican party.
And Obama crushes Romney among women by a 20-point margin.

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