Republicans to women: No, really, STFU!

If you are given a choice between toxic and crazy, which would you choose? Trick question. House Republicans would choose both. Last week, in their sham hearing on contraception, the GOP leadership refused to allow a woman on the day's first panel on, you know, women's health. But Chairman Darrell Issa told us that on women's health care, women must keep that aspirin between their knees and shut up. Well, the Republicans have done it again. Sandra Fluke, the law student whose friend lost an ovary to an illness easily treatable with birth control medication, is set to testify before the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee tomorrow. But if the Republicans can't totally shut her up, they will make sure she is not seen.
The Democratic Steering & Policy Committee's hearing will be held in the House Recording Studio, in order to help broadcast the event, except in this case, it won't be seen by anyone outside the room. According to House Dems, the Republican-controlled Committee on House Administration has refused to allow the hearing to be televised.

In other words, the House GOP blocked Sandra Fluke from testifying at a hearing last week, and now they're apparently blocking the public from hearing Sandra Fluke's testimony at another hearing this week.
I would say I'm shocked, but come on. This is the modern day GOP. When the Republicans go around saying they want to take this country back, they are talking about taking it back to the 17th century. For far too long their attacks on women's rights and their government-small-enough-to-fit-into-a-woman's-vagina ideology has gone unnoticed. But now, they have gone too far, and they know it. They know that the American people are taking notice that contraception, of all things, is under GOP attack. So what is their solution? A course correction? Oh, no. Their solution is to double down. Their solution is not to apologize for not including a single woman on a panel discussing crucial women's health care. Their solution is to shut women down, and scour to make sure no one can see when a woman does testify in front of a committee of the people's House.

I really hope we're learning from this. This is not just about contraception or birth control. This is about a far reaching agenda of the dominionist religious Right. And the agenda is to establish the dominion of "the right kind of Christians" against all others, the dominion of man over the natural resources of the earth, the dominion of wealth over poverty, the dominion of white over other races, and yes, the dominion of men over women. There is no remorse in the Republican party for excluding women from speaking, or for trying to keep a woman's testimony from the public view. Because in their view, that's the way it should be.

By the way, this is what and who they are trying to censor:

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