How is Keystone XL Conservative?

Yesterday I was listening to a Conservative coworker of mine cheerfully preach about how President Obama was standing in the way of oil jobs. After a bit of thought I couldn't help but respond
So the American Conservative position is that President Obama should hurry up and bypass state desires to allow a foreign company to build another pipeline across the nation to ship oil from Socialist Canada to Communist China?
I was surprised that a person fluent in right-wing radio bubblespeak could take this position. After all this is a demand for the President (or one of his czars!?) to intervene in the private market and pick winners and losers!! They say it's about jobs, using the government to create jobs? The government doesn't create any jobs is what all those Senators and Congressman and lobbyists and political commentators told us before! When I broke it down from my point of view while using the appropriate anti-government constructs my friend's smugness deteriorated.
This should be an easy one for Democrats to win the messaging war on. In fact generally this should be an area were we can attack Republicans. Gas was $1.30/gallon when Bush became president and more than $3.50 after his ideas of economic anarchy took hold. All serious economists knew that would happen. When you take away the rules and refs a football game becomes a street fight. A drag race becomes destruction derby (although even that has rules).
We've let the oil and gas industry and financial speculators have free reign in the past with clear devastating results. It's time on this Keystone Pipeline to say no, or at least, "let's leave that up to the states." ;) UPDATE: I didn't know that gas prices fell during the economic crash at the end of Bush's term and starting President Obama's. I apologize for not checking on those stats.

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