The Grand Old Party Spitting On Mitt Romney and Coddling With A Racist & Homophobic Rick Santorum

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PhotobucketNo kind of endorsement or money can boost Mitt Romney's chances of securing the Republican nomination if the three States primary contest results from yesterday are any indication. In fact, there is no secret about how much the GOP base hates Mitt Romney representing them as their Republican Presidential candidate if you look at what happened in yesterdays' primary.

Rick Santorum probably pulled off one of the most unexpected victories in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado but still may not have what it takes to be the nominee of the GOP. Mitt Romney is a very bruised candidate around the country and the perception on his character flaws are sinking in with voters. Once the darling of these three primary States with strong backings during the 2008 primary, Mitt Romney is no longer liked by many as his supporters have now evaporated. The result from yesterday's primary pretty much tells the picture:

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It is obvious that Mitt Romney has shown himself as a candidate who is not trustworthy because of his flip flopping position and as a result the social conservative vote and the tea party vote have abandoned him first for Newt Gingrich and now it is Rick Santorum. The same people have also abandoned Gingrich because they think he has got way too much baggage and is un-Presidential.

While Santorum has been waiting for this moment, we will see what he will do with this gift that has been handed to him but his anti-birth-control, anti-gay, anti-Muslim and his racist statements have not been closely scrutinized yet which will leave him just as vulnerable with moderate Republicans and Independents.
In the end, the one with the most institutional support from the Republican Party will be the one that will more likely win the GOP primary, which means this race will be a very long fought battle post Super Tuesday while Romney seems to still have the resources and institutional backings. When all said and done, at the end of this Primary, the GOP will be the most fractured party that will more likely be very divided and resentful towards anyone of the GOP candidate causing a lack enthusiasm to cast their votes during the November election.

If I am in the Obama camp, this is just great news, and if I was President Obama, I wouldn't resist laughing either.

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