As women flock to Obama, GOP looks to shut the door behind them

If there's one group of voters that will decide the 2012 election, it's women. And women, thanks in part to the GOP's putting the crazy train in high gear, are flocking to President Obama, according to a just released AP-GfK poll.
Not a pretty picture, if you are a Republican. In fact, according to that poll, the president would win if the election were held today, and women voters would provide the entire margin of victory for the president, as male voters are virtually tied in their support.
An AP-GfK poll conducted Feb. 16-20 showed that on overall approval Obama has gained 10 percentage points among women since December, from 43 percent to 53 percent, even though his administration seemed to stumble over whether religious employers should be forced to pay for contraception.
Don't you love it how the media is still clinging to the debunk fantasy that the kerfuffle over the contraception began as a an Obama "stumble?" I told you he set them up.

The GOP has gone so far off the deep end that they are driving away grandma.
"Republicans are making a big mistake with this contraception talk, and I'm pretty sure that they are giving (the election) to Obama," says Patricia Speyerer, 87, of McComb, Miss., a GOP-leaning independent. "It's a stupid thing." [...]

"Well, I'm a Roman Catholic, too," said Speyerer. She recalls that in 1940s New Orleans, where she was born and married, it was illegal to publish anything about birth control, "and I don't want to see that happen again."
Of course, contraception is not the only issue because of which women are abandoning the Republican party in droves. The economy is improving, and women know it.
The recent furor over whether religious employers should be forced to pay for their workers' contraception is certainly a factor but hardly the only reason for women warming up to Obama again after turning away from him late last year.

An Associated Press-GfK poll suggests women also are giving the president more credit than men are for the country's economic turnaround.

Among women, his approval ratings on handling the economy and unemployment have jumped by 10 percentage points since December.
In other words, the chart at the beginning of this article is pretty closely related to this chart:

But of course, just as women are flocking to President Obama and away from the wingnut GOP, instead of making attempts to bring them back to the fold, the wingnut GOP is shutting the doors behind them. Tomorrow, the Senate debates Sen. Roy Blunt's bill to let your boss decide what health care services you can have. Even GOP women who support a "conscience exemption" won't be voting for it. The entire Republican presidential field is still talking about it, adding fuel to the fire of driving women away. Mitt Romney is foragainst the Blunt amendment, true to his nature.

What about the economy? The GOP is still stonewalling the president's jobs agenda as much as they can, and he is still driving the message home by continuing to do things to help the American people. The GOP still wants to protect millionaire tax avoiders while the American people want millionaires to pay at least what middle class families pay in taxes. In other words, the Republicans are continuing the same petulance they have had since the beginning of Barack Obama's presidency.

The longer the Republicans keep talking about taking away contraception and women's basic health care, and the more they keep trying to stall the president's jobs agenda, the more women will be driven into Obama's camp. Women are on to the GOP. If this keeps going this way - and the Republican party has given no indication that it won't - the GOP's only hope of winning may be to repeal the 19th amendment, which I won't be surprised to see them propose, when it comes to think of it.

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