Tracking Republican Front Runner Racism

Conflicted by AmaSepiaChan age 12 This morning I woke up to an article on NEWSONE asking this very interesting and provocative question for their headline: Are Republican Front Runners Racist?... NEWSONE has decided to make a point of tracking their racist spews throughout election. Wow! They just went right at it head on:
The top GOP candidates who emerged from yesterday’s Iowa Caucus have a few things in common: They’re all white. They’re all men. And they’ve all been accused of racism. Some of these claims proved baseless, but others — we think — are legitimate...
After that opening shot they went through the lineup one by one and made clear why the title was necessary. A quote attributed to Romney was dissected and found to be untrue but the others were right on target. We heard the comments with our own ears you know: Santorum's “make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” Ron Paul"s Newsletters and his "hate Whitey day". Gingrich's Obama is the "Food Stamp President".

There are many more where this came from of course and their comments can be found with just a click so I do not have to put them all down. Nevertheless, I wonder if they are residing on this planet earth in this country of America. Each day that they carry on in this way drives them further away from mainstream America and Americans and they do not even seem to get it. Sometimes I truly wonder who these people are cause they do seem to be operating in a parallel universe that regular folk are not privy to. I wonder about the their children/grandchildren and the crap that they must hear in day in and day out about how much they hate this President etc, etc, etc. Those kids are going to grow up one day and they will be mirror images of these feckless men. If they have anything to do with it only their kids will inherit the Presidency and Congress because all of the riff raff kids from regular folks will have spent their school years cleaning bathrooms. What is your take? Are they being Racist? or just mean old white men?


Note: AmaSepiaChan is my 12 year-old daughter. I thought "Conflicted" was quite fitting and it reflects how she sometimes feels about being an African-American child in America. More of her artwork can be viewed on her Facebook Artist Page

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