Do you support Barack Obama? Glenn Greenwald says you’d support him raping a nun

Do you think I’m being hyperbolic? Did you read that headline and think; No surely he has at least a modicum of respect for supporters of the President. No he doesn’t and he is completely illustrative of this new lean forward pro left.

I’ve explained in a previous post why I haven’t been blogging as much as I once did. I’ve fallen in love with the Twitter for the time being. It is there that Glenn Greenwald showed his entire ass and by extension has damned anyone who supports him to support this point of view.

I heard a few of the old timers complain about the chirpstory the last time I did one, so I’m going to let Zerlina Maxwell of the MSNBC property The Grio tell the story above the fold, you can read Glenn Greenwald’s disgusting spoor in the form of the chirp story below.

Zerlina Maxwell's must read take down of Glenn Greenwald
In a particularly heated exchange on Twitter Saturday night, a blogger named "DrDawg" tweeted about Gandy: "Obama could rape a nun live on NBC and you'd say we weren't seeing what we were seeing." In response, Greenwald chimed in, "No - she'd say it was justified [and] noble - that he only did it to teach us about the evils of rape."

 When twitter exploded in attacks on Greenwald for making a "rape joke," instead of apologizing for the comment, Greenwald doubled down, tweeting that the reference to rape was not a metaphor and in fact Obama supporters would defend the president in the face of "ANY evil: assassinations, child-killings: EVEN rape violent crime like rape."
Meanwhile, an irony of the infusion of rape into a debate in which it doesn't belong, is that theNDAA that Greenwald finds so offensive, also includes a provision which finally addresses the serious problem of rape, abuse and sexual harassment in the military.

Before this version of the NDAA, servicewomen who are raped were not allowed to transfer to another base or had a very difficult time doing so. Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH), who along with Democratic Rep. Niki Tsongas fought to get these provisions into the bill has said that, "in civilian life, you have complete control of your movements, and if you're in an unsafe situation, you can remove yourself. In military life, the victim needs permission to take even basic self-preservation actions." 

Don’t believe me or Madame Maxwell join me over the fold and believe your lying eyes.
Glenn Greenwald Jokes about President Obama Raping a Nun
After President Obama signed the NDAA, Glenn Greenwald took to Twitter to highlight the ACLU's response statement. Blogger Angry Black Lady took issue with Greenwald and Emptywheel's characterization of the law.

When a Greenwald fan interjected with a horrific statement suggesting that Angry Black Lady would defend the president if he raped a nun on TV, Greenwald joined in and amplified that disgusting and offensive imagery instead of ignoring it or rebuking it.

A wide range of Twitter users were outraged at the offensive tweets about the president raping a nun, but Greenwald dodged accepting any responsibility for participating in such vile conversation, and several of Greenwald's most ardent admirers doubled down and insisted the statements were perfectly acceptable, while attacking Angry Black Lady for not being able to take a joke. Repellent.
I’m done counting how many bitches etc. I’ve seen TheAngryBlackLady called, and I’ll make a public pronouncement stating that 2012 is going to be the year of absolute respect.  The days of threatening rape to a Black lady because you don’t have the mental capacity to debate are over.  We can’t discuss policy, we can’t discuss even the weather with this kind of behavior in the public record.  This is the professional left.  Own it, own it in full.

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