Huge labor win at Boeing - thanks to Obama Administration

(Reuters) - Boeing Co (BA.N) has made an early deal with its biggest union for a four-year contract extension, which if ratified would end the planemaker's dispute with the National Labor Relations Board and ensure the new 737 MAX single-aisle plane is built in Washington state.
The agreement was driven by both the organizing of the machinists union and the action of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Boeing had invested in a production facility in "right to work for less" South Carolina, openly stating that this was a response to union activism in Washington State. The law forbids retaliation against workers for exercising their rights to bargain collectively - but under Bush (and Clinton) era appointees, the NLRB had essentially stopped enforcing labor laws. As a result of the revived Obama era NLRB, highly skilled work will stay in Washington State - and as a side effect, boneheaded Boeing management will not be able to destroy the company in their short sighted effort to do without skilled labor and crush the union.

Of course, we know that both parties are the same according to the brilliant political strategists of the "left" (who are responsible for so much success for the right!). So as a bonus here's some news from GOP controlled Kansas where the Republicans are working hand in hand with the people who shot down and killed Dr. Tiller as he left Church and from Iraq where the Obama administration is fulfilling its pledge to bring US soldiers home. Just the same.

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