Adept2u V Nicole Sandler and the National Defense Authorization Act: The Professional Left In ChirpStory

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Ok so I'm becoming addicted to Twitter.   The thing that so fascinated me about the internet when I first achieved high speed access was the ability to almost instantly talk to mega watt smart people.  I chat with people from Astrophysicists to The Rev. Al Sharpton who read my tweet on the air Friday regarding Black conservatives.

@TheRevAl a Black man voting conservative in this day and age is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders #southernstrategy

Heh, Anyhow as I jumped into the Twitterpool I pretty much rushed to follow opinion makers etc. from my side of the political spectrum I could think of but there were a few people who were pretty much always on my follow list and one was The  Angry Black Lady.  A person I've pretty much always read from those magical high speed days, but more than that despite her name and reputation a truly sweet person who provided support for me when I got the ban hammer from the DK.

So anyway I'm following Nicole Sandler for the above reason and she's going all in on the recent Defense Authorization.  Now I will admit and would have that I replied initially to the wrong tweet.  The tweet I meant to respond to actually asked the question am I wrong, but like I said I'm a newbie twit.

You know what's funny?  Had she not feigned ignorance of the English language at the start and merely stated the analogy hurt her feelings I would have apologized immediately.  I would have tripped on how a public figure gets so angry at being called colorfully wrong, but they don’t call them the "professional left" for no reason do they?

You too can join the mighty the legion The Weighty One Eighty! (family grew thanks Nicole!) By: By

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