The stockholm syndrome of the professional left: Ezra Klein edition

Ezra Klein writes in the Washington Post that the usual terrible negotiating, weak, caving and so on by the Democrats has resulted in devastating cuts to the programs that are the highest priorities for Democrats like - um, well like none of them. Yes, despite the Republican/Tea Party taking total control of the US House of Representatives and tiny Democratic majority in the Senate that depends on some quite conservative Senators, the Democratic Party has successfully defended its budget priorities - the safety net for the poor and helpless, education, and new energy programs. Furthermore the Democrats have fought off GOP attempts to defund the EPA and to kill Planned Parenthood. This despite an unprecedentedly disciplined - cult like - Republican Party that votes unanimously on all issues and that openly is attempting to destroy the economy in order to defeat the President. And the President has often had to beat back defectors in his own party - even some of the most liberal members who should be his core supporters. And yet, Klein writes paragraph after paragraph about the weakness of the Democratic negotiations! Why? Because it is axiomatic in DC, among Republicans and among the professional left/liberal media that the Democrats are weak. This must be true in the narrative, no matter what the facts - so that Klein has to write openly ridiculous stuff like this
the fact remains: Their [Republicans] strategy of saying no has, thus far, paid great dividends, though not ones Republicans have decided to collect.
There you go: the Republican strategy of "saying no" is so tough and the Democratic response so weak that the Republicans have not even bothered to collect any wins. In other words, the actual situation is that the GOP has not won anything despite taking control of the House, but this is such a violation of narrative that Klein has to insist that they just left their winnings on the table - um, because.

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