The emerging new economy

Here's a mind-bending thought: The United States can wean itself from oil and coal by 2050 — and without action by presidents or Congress.

"It's refreshing to think that we needn't wait for Washington," Amory Lovins told me recently. The founder and chairman of the Old Snowmass, Colo.-based Rocky Mountain Institute, Lovins has been a leader in the science of energy efficiency for decades

Football: The Green Bay Packers have an efficient corporate structure - without the waste and disruption caused by a billionaire owner.
The Packers nonprofit status may come as a surprise. Every other franchise in the National Football League (and every other major league sport) is owned by private individuals. [...]

Yet even with a metro area of small population, every single Packers home game has been sold out since the 1960’s. That’s nearly half a century of sold out games! Some for-profit teams around the nation, like the Oakland Raiders, struggle to even get one sold out game in a season.

Employee Owned Companies : The Employee Ownership 100: America's Largest Majority Employee-Owned Companies. Good example is SRC. As opposed to Private Equity looted companies: like this one.

Limits on Executive Pay: SEC moves towards exposing Corporate Executive Pay

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