Dear #OWS

May I suggest a change in tactic?  I understand people are considering this new movement an analogue and continuation of the civil rights movement, and so be it.  However if you’re going to do that at least take a lesson from the movement.  Engage your enemy and provoke an ugly response from them that the vast moral universe of the American middle will empathize with and support.

Camping in the park is not it.  Fighting police over the right to camp in the park under the guise of “free speech” is not it. 

Unless the cities and municipalities who have to expend extra funds in extremely tight times are the enemy and I thought the bankers were this tactic is going to earn you the enmity not the support of that middle I was talking about.

So here’s what you do.  Occupy foreclosed homes.  Occupy them in the neighborhoods of the 1% and make the banks evict you through the legal process.  Now wouldn’t that be grand?  You would have the benefit of costing the actual entities of #OWS anger the banks money and time.  You wouldn’t have to meet the business end of night sticks defending a park, and here comes the sweet part:  The banks would have to prove they own the place in order to evict you!  Remember all those strange loan documents all the people who got their homes taken away through robo-signing?  All those documents would get fresh judicial review and as I understand it lots of #OWS folks have legal training that would make that an interesting adventure.  Why this tactic has the added benefit of almost being like the lottery you just might be able to stay in the house you occupy because the banks can’t prove they own it.

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Glenn Greenwald, #Occupy, Glass Houses and Stones

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