Who are the dumbest motherfuckers in the world now?

982,967 donors. That's the number at which President Obama's campaign stood at the end of the third quarter of 2011. That is almost double the 552,000 number that the campaign had at the end of the last quarter. But what's really fascinating about it are the following facts for the quarter:
  • 606,027 individual donors, 257,000 of them new donors.
  • More than 766,000 donations, 98% of it in chunks of $250 or less.
  • OFA and DNC raised $70 million, dwarfing their goal of $55 million.
Obama and DNC combined dwarfed all the Republican candidates and the RNC combined. Not only that, the Obama campaign alone raised nearly as much money this year ($86 million) as all the Republicans combined ($90 million). The DNC (source: Opensecrets.org). Barack Obama also has more cash on hand than all the Republican candidates combined. Perhaps this following graph will clear things up:

As of the time of this writing, the president's campaign has surpassed a million donors.

Weren't we told by a bunch of head hanchos on the Left at the end of the wildly successful second quarter that, oh, that was before the president decided to "put Medicare benefits on the table" (which of course was an usual lie from the whiners)?

So why are these early fundraising numbers so important? Because despite the media and the professional whiners' crying about how the president is in political danger, and how he must listen to them in order to be elected, the early donations are early commitments. It means over a million people, over a year before the election, have spoken up and are ready to do more. That is extraordinary. It means people are breaking through the media conflict barrage, and that they understand what is at stake. Millions of people understand that we cannot afford to go through the 2012 election in the usual pissing match fashion, nor can we go through it without  And, it means that all the threats from the professional Left have failed:
The numbers prove that the assault on the president by the pretend-Left have failed. Not only have they failed, they have been ridiculed. Numbers don't lie.

So let's do this one more time. Just to get this straight.

The base:

NOT the base:

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So, Jane. Who's the dumbest motherfucker in the world now?

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