Weekend Pragprog Link Share

Sorry it's a little late, guys. I have been a little busy this weekend. But here comes the pragprogs:
  • Chipsticks at The Obama Diary reports on the troubles for Koch brothers - you know, of the doing business with terrorist states kind.
  • AdLib at Planet POV urges you to take action and sign the White House petition to fight voter suppression. I encourage you to do the same.
  • Just as the New Hampshire GOP is cutting off women from family planning services, the Obama Administration has stepped up to protect it, reports ABL at the Angry Black Lady Chronicles.
  • Smartypants has some things to show you about partners.
  • Norbrook debunks the punditocracy's "enthusiasm gap" talking point.
Let's end with the president fighting for the American jobs act - you need to help him.

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