Thank you Michael Moore for your idealism

You stood up for your principles and told us Bush=Gore back in 1999 and 2000 - but you assured the foolish people that Gore would win anyways. Remember? Because you have principles.
Dear Gore Voters or Those Frightened Enough to Vote for Gore: Thank you for your 20,000 e-mails. Please consider this letter my olive branch to you. [..] Nader has endured some brutal attacks. He is being blamed for the possibility that Bush may win. When packs of humans become desperate and consumed with fear, irrational things are said. Threats are made. I respect and understand those of you who are voting for Gore because you fear Bush may win. That, after all, is our common ground George Bush must not sit in the Oval Office. Yet, to say that "a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush" implies that if we weren't voting for Nader we would be voting for Gore. That simply is not true. If Ralph were not on the ballot, I think most of us would vote for another third party candidate, write someone else in, or just stay home. That's how disgusted the millions of us are.
Well, as George W. Bush said, you really covered your ass on that one. Because, you know, you have principles - unlike us Obots and unprincipled pragmatists. We are so unprincipled that we don't think your "disgust" is more important than tens of thousands of Iraqi orphans and cripples. Maybe 100,000 civilian deaths, not to mention all the American men and women killed, maimed, and traumatized. But, hell "that's how disgusted the millions of us are". We think of those bodies floating down the street in New Orleans and we are too unprincipled to think: a small price to pay for Michael Moore's integrity. Voting for a protest candidate was worth it, and Mike, your understanding of political dynamics is so good you were able to confidently predict a Gore win anyways. You rock Mike - and thanks for still being here in 2011 to explain why President Obama doesn't measure up to your standards.

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