The Koch brothers were born rich. Their money allowed them to get richer by rigging the game. They pour poison into someone else's river - saving money on pollution control equipment - and profiting from it at the expense of people who used to swim or fish or sell services to tourists. They install governors who decide laws are for other people. When they break laws, the penalties are not anywhere near the profits they made breaking the laws. A 97 count indictment is something to be shrugged off if you own enough legal firepower. They can plead guilty to poisoning the environment and the people in that environment with benzene and to conspiring to cover up the crime and get away with a chump change fine thanks to connections, wealth and donations to the Republican party. They can even, apparently, make money selling to enemy nations. Each one of these makes them richer and more able to rig the game. And then they go into Rupert Murdoch's newspaper and complain about "crony capitalism" and "bloated government". It's as if Bin Ladin had complained about religious fanaticism. These are the people that Republicans claim are "the job creators". Indeed they create jobs for sleazeball corporate lawyers, tax accountants, lobbyists and propagandists- although at our expense - because the tax system allows people like them to pay taxes at ridiculously low rates thanks to a complex and hidden system of special tax breaks. So the American Jobs Act is now sitting in front of Congress, a start on putting people back to work and fixing our broken bridges, tunnels, and roads. And the Republican Congress won't even bring it up for a vote because it will make the Kochs and other winners of the rigged game, pay for their own executive jets without a special handout from Uncle Sam.

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