#GOPJobsBlockade: GOP Hates Obama's Jobs Plan Because It Will Work

So the President is talking to the American people:

And so, right on queue, John McCain is shouting at the rain again:
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday ripped again into President Barack Obama’s three-day bus tour that’s winding through two swing states, accusing his former foe of an unprecedented level of campaigning on taxpayers’ dollars.
Really, Senator? When you go on the Senate floor and rip the president, what is that? When you block everything the president and the people want, what is that? When you hold press conferences with that Senate seal behind you, what is that? Is that campaigning? And who's paying for that? When you jackasses went to townhalls and lied to your constituents about health care reform, was that campaigning? Who paid for that?

To be sure, the president is campaigning. But he's not campaigning for his re-election. He's campaigning for the American people. He's campaigning for American jobs. The president is not going around asking people to vote for him. He is taking his case to create jobs to the American people.

And that's what the Republicans can't stand. The more the president campaigns for the plan, the harder it is getting for them to stand the heat. With poll after poll showing that the American people not only overwhelmingly favor the president's ideas about job creation, that they are also pissed off at the Republican obstructionism in Congress, the GOP has a tries to put lipstick on their obstructionism pig. They want Congress to stop bickering, act, vote, and do something substantive. And in the bizarre GOP way of thinking, if Congress acts to do something substantive, and the unemployment situation improves, the president might benefit in the 2012 election.

What the Republicans want you to believe is that the president's jobs plan is not worth passing because it won't work (for whatever fantasy of a reason they can come up with at any given hour). But what they are really terrified of is this: the President's jobs plan will work. If they really believed it wouldn't work, they would have nothing to lose by letting it pass, and then rapping it around the president's campaign next year if it didn't work. The problem for the GOP is that economists from  Left to Right all agree that it will create jobs. Here's Mark Zandy of Moody's (and former McCain Advisor):
  • President Obama's jobs proposal would help stabilize confidence and keep the U.S. from sliding back into recession.
  • The plan would add 2 percentage points to GDP growth next year, add 1.9 million jobs, and cut the unemployment rate by a percentage point.
And here is Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank, saying it moves the dial:
First, the continuation (actually the expansion) of the employee payroll tax holiday and the current program of emergency unemployment compensation for the long-term unemployed prevents the loss of jobs. Second, there are new efforts that will boost spending and thereby generate jobs and lower unemployment: transportation infrastructure, the infrastructure bank, school repair and modernization, and funds for state/local governments to support teachers and first responders. This new spending amounts, we estimate, to as much as $125 billion, an amount that generates perhaps as much 1.5 million jobs. That certainly moves the dial. Third, the expansion of the employee-side payroll tax holiday and the new jobs tax credit (similar, we understand, to what EPI proposed back in 2009) will add more employment.[...]
There are no doubts that the president's plan is both a substantial boost to the economy and a proportionate response to our economic challenges. The plan is targeted, paid-for, and specific. That's why the GOP can't have it pass.

Not that I am telling any thinking person anything new. The Republican party has proven its willingness - indeed, a predisposition - towards burning down the country in order to gain political power. Their problem with the President's taking it to the people is not that he is playing politics with it; it is that he is complicating their plans to play politics with people's lives.

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