Finally a News Story Explains why the President is Struggling at Home

I have been waiting for someone to clearly come out and state the obvious especially in light of the President's winning streak this week. I noticed that the MSM were complimentary about his Foreign Policy successes this week especially after Friday's announcement about Iraq but just scrolling through the LA Times I finally found someone who wrote something fair and positive about the President and all that he has achieved.
Why is Barack Obama’s presidency a tale of two situations? On the foreign-policy front, the administration has had a string of successes: Osama bin Laden killed; major Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen killed; and this week, of course, Moammar Kadafi killed. And on Friday, the president announced that all U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by year’s end. An unpopular war will be officially over for us soon. Terrorists and terrorist groups that threaten us are dead or on the run. Libya’s longtime strongman has been overthrown, thanks in part to Obama’s policy that had the U.S. and NATO working together. But here’s a question: If Obama has been so successful in foreign policy, why has he been so unsuccessful on domestic issues? Sure, unemployment fell in California last month, but it's nothing to write home about. Joblessness, foreclosures, poverty -– you know the numbers, and they're not pretty. Even his signature domestic achievement, healthcare reform, remains under attack by Republicans. They vow to undo it as soon as they control the White House again. So what’s the deal? It isn't that he's escaped criticism on foreign policy. Republicans -- heck, even some Democrats -- have been critical of Obama's moves. But what he's done has, in the main, worked. No, domestically the problem is that Obama's opponents have turned criticism into obstructionism. Unlike his foreign policies, Obama's efforts to fix the economy have been thwarted at every turn by Republicans...
(bold mine) Cross-posted from Yes! Finally! I think the ice is beginning to crack. If it was not clear before it has become quite clear what is going on. When the President is allowed to lead he leads. Damn, he even leads with all the disrespect they give him. Imagine what he would do if he was freed up of all the crap they throw in front of and on top of him? Our fortunes in this country would be much better if we did not have a national party that is invested in the failure of President Obama. They are so caught up in their hate syndrome against this man that they are bringing down the entire system.

I wonder sometimes if the understand that they are a part of the system. Somehow they seem to think they are separate from it all and that the failure of this President will have no effect on them. They are just so blinded by irrational and unreasonable rage against this man that that they are imploding and do not even know it. What a shame. It will be interesting to see how they handle the next few months when the troops start returning home and President Obama starts demanding that they pass the part of his jobs bill that will give these brave veterans jobs to take care of themselves and their families. Will they let the Veterans come home to joblessness or will some of the peel away and join the Democrats to provide them with jobs? Once upon a time I would have said yes definitely, but today I have my doubts. Somehow they believe the tactic they have deployed is working even though the polls show it is not and that people want the jobs bill. Yet, they keep on with the lemming behavior. Why? Do they truly hate this man so much? Where is this coming from? I know the answer but sometimes I still have to ask. What a shame.

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