The New York Times has an interesting article showing how 'two-faced' Republicans are. Now that they are being made accountable in their districts for the disaster Irene left behind they are now calling for Government help. "The reaction is particularly noteworthy because it is coming from members of the House Republican freshman class, a group that swept into office last year on a platform of reducing the federal debt and the size of government...." Eric Cantor wanted offset any spending relief for Irene by having equal spending cuts but apparently his partners in Congress, who by the way were all fanatically talking about the deficit, are giving him a hard time. The article basically says that these same Republicans are now anxious to have government help for their communities. Basically, Republicans only act in their own interest.
“You can’t put a number on keeping citizens safe,” said Mr. Grimm, who describes himself as a fiscal conservative. “It’s something the federal government must do. For example, if we’re attacked, we wouldn’t hold a budgetary meeting.”
Where was this idea that "Government" had to help when they let the country's economy go to a downgrade? I just do not understand how people can think these folk are credible. If we do not get money out of our elections it will only get worse. Money and power promised by the corporations is what is making these officials so selfish and self-centered when they were elected to do a job by "we the people." Once they get into office they do what their corporate masters tell them to do. It is baffling to me that Americans keep putting these people in office and then spend the years after they put them in wondering what happened.

"Nan Hayworth, a Republican freshman representing areas north of New York City who won her seat with strong Tea Party support, also sees no connection between disaster aid and spending cuts, according to her spokesman, Nathaniel Sillin."

“They are two separate issues,” he said.
Now 'they are two separate issues'? Wow! How convenient.

Just recently there a young man died from a tooth infection because he did not have healthcare. He was unemployed. Where was the help for him? This war on the poor, unemployed, middle-class and the uninsured must stop. Who will raise his child now he is gone? I doubt the rich republicans in congress and their friends will never have to worry about this problem they have health insurance we the taxpayers pay for even when they are out of office. In the meantime we "the people" must suffer. This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

People really need to pay more attention and stop letting simplistic memes influence them. President Obama is doing his best in a very bad situation. I rather this country in the capable hands of this Prez than the crazies that are running for office. However, I fear that with the Professional Left and others threatening to stay home we could have a crazy in office who will only make things worse. We really need to get it together and get some clarity with regards to our politics in this country or life will become much harder in coming years with or without President Obama.

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