Republicans intend to drive the car to the White House

When President Obama used his "car in the ditch" speech in 2010 election to try to rally dems he was on to something but many failed to pay attention.

I am getting frustrated about how the RepubTeapartiers have been trying to rig the 2013 election so I was glad to see Rachel Maddow do a pretty concise piece about how they are going about rigging it. In her piece she shows how in every red state under a GOP Governor the RepubTeapartiers are setting up structural changes in how people vote. These changes are going to affect the elderly, young, African-Americans, Hispanics and all constituencies that do not vote Republican. How are Democrats going to deal with this she wonders?

I am wondering the same thing.

One day later my anxiety was heightened when I found a blog post on PoliticsUSA about how the Republicans are using the Tea Party to push their agenda. The post lays the Republican's agenda bare. I have seen other articles about their nefarious plans but have to say this blog post is a keeper and needs to be linked to over and over again. (The Tea Party Is Just The Latest Patsy of The Corporatist Agenda)

The blog summed up what the Republicans are up to quite succinctly starting with the below quote:

"...Some of the laws that Republicans have called unconstitutional are the federal minimum wage, Social Security and Medicare, child labor laws, the EPA, and just about any law that does not give advantages to the wealthy and their corporations. There are even those who seek to change the first amendment’s separation of church and state in favor of a “Christian nation” religious mandate that teabaggers believe will lead to a family values oriented nation. The aversion to the Constitution has engendered support for a Constitutional Convention to start over to reshape the nation to fit their idealized vision of America.

Their vision, though, will mean 50 states with disparate laws dependent on the whims of racists, religious fundamentalists, and vile corporatists whose idea of government consist of privatization of every segment of society. If the tenthers were to prevail and the federal government is dissolved; who are the losers? Every citizen in America will suffer so the wealthy industrialists and corporations can conduct their business without government regulations..."
Their vision is to strip this country to the bones of its very democracy. They want to privatize and put every replace every single institution with a private entity. This is truly a war that has been declared on every American and America needs to wake up.

The Republican vision was helped along quite nicely when the Progressives stayed home in 2010 and gave the Republicans legislatures all across this country. Since then they have been consolidating their power, as seen in Rachel's piece, and are making sure that every opening that would give our President a win is closed.

The Tea Partiers do not seem to realize that they are being used and will soon find out when the Republicans have what they want, which is the power of the Presidency. Then once they have all that they have been salivating over, the Tea Partiers will be shown the door:

"...teabaggers, like the Confederacy of Southern States, are so blinded by greed, bigotry, and fundamentalism that they will be crushed and it will not be the Federal government who decimates them; it will be wealthy corporatists who control the Republican Party and there will be no centralized government to protect them. They should be careful what they wish for because they are perilously close to inciting their own demise..."

It is time that far left Progressives stop trying to hurt the President and concentrate on the elephants in the room that are the main problem. The Tea Partiers are just a diversion and this needs to be clearly stated. President Obama has made a cogent argument against the Republicans and their "class warfare" nonsense but I have yet to hear full-throated support from the full Democratic Congress. Where are all of them standing in full mass on the steps of Congress to declare where they stand? Where are the voices of Harry Reid (who does not have to worry about election for 6 years?) and others in the Senate. Why are they always oscillating and never willing to stand strong in support of this President? Oh yeah, Harry Reid said he does not work for this President. Yet, he did not mind when the Prez helped him to win his last election. How selfish and self-centered can he be?

We even have Cornel West and Ralph Nader coming together to find far left Progressives to run against this President. Not, they say, to make him lose but to hold him accountable. You know what I want to say to this but I will refrain. Neither will I link to the numerous articles published about why West and Nader want to do this because they are just full of it.

It is sad to say, but when the 2010 election was in full swing President Obama went out and told the democrats not to let the republicans get behind the wheel of the car he was on to something but was not heeded. You know, the car that was in the ditch and they did nothing to help get it out? The car that was stuck in the mud etc, etc? What did democrats do? They let the Republicans get behind the wheel of the damned car! Now it looks like they are going to let drive the damn thing all the way to the White House.

I just don't get it.

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