Pass. This. Bill.

Time to put another nail in the coffin for the meme that Democrats are bad at messaging.

The ad begins by using nostalgia, patriotism and harkening back to the Industrial Age.
Black and White video:Ironworkers hoisting an American flag.
Voice: You know that saying?
Rosie the Riveter archival footage.
Voice: “When the going gets tough;

More emphasis on patriotism, introduce unity then subliminally suggests marching to make things happen.
Color video:
Soldiers in camouflage marching (legs and boots only)
Voice: the tough get going.”

Use of the key word invent in the context of something unique as American Football.
Amateur football clip
Voice: Well America invented it.

The ad continues by reaching out to the rural voter with the quintessential image of work being done in the presence of a pickup…all American at its core, while creating a sense of urgency.
Man stacking hay bail in back of modern red pickup
Voice: We’ve got to get going right now.
Next the ad stresses the idea of job creation.
Woman and man operating modern manufacturing machinery
Voice: The President’s American Jobs Act creates jobs
Text: The President’s American Jobs Act creates jobs

Now the viewer is presented with an easy to understand outline on how the Bill creates jobs that Americans want and then shows how the Bill will be paid for.
High Tech freeway building operationVoice: fixing roads and bridges
Text: 1. Fix Roads and Bridges
Semi Trailer assembly line
Voice: Helps small business hire more workers
Text: 2. Tax Credits to Hire New Workers
Man in office cubby being handed a pay envelope
Voice: $1500 more dollars in your paycheck
Text: 3. $1500 Tax Cut for the Average Family
Aerial shot of mansions along shoreline
Voice: It’s paid for. Ends Tax Breaks for the Wealthiest
Text: 4. Fully Paid For 5. Ends Tax Breaks for Wealthiest
Aerial shot of downtown business buildings
Voice: And Closes Corporate Loopholes
Text: 6. Closes Corporate Loopholes

Finally, the advertisement calls for action.
Color Stills:Man in hard hat
Voice: Tell Congress
Female grocery checker
Voice: No More Games
Text: Read the Plan:
President Obama shaking hands with a man
Voice: Pass The Plan
DNC Disclaimer.

Text: Pass the President’s JOBS PLAN overlaid by animated image of the cover page for the Bill.

This advertisement is without flaw. This is no cobbled together series of political clips and bad photos with doom and gloom narration and music. “Get Going” is Madison Avenue-lite. The stock footage is crisp and relevant; the editing is seamless; the voice-over is soothing and familiar. It tells a story, educates and calls for action without insulting the viewer’s intelligence, and is completely non-threatening so the audience stays engaged. Plus it’s memorable.

Of prime importance is that it is 30 seconds long so it can be aired on television. This is an ideal time of year to make it to the air since school has started, and all the new season shows have begun to run during prime time. Lots of eyeballs are there for the viewing if the DNC is willing to invest the money.

Best of all it appeals to the American Spirit, bypassing intellect and going right to the emotional brain. This advertisement is designed to appeal to Independents, Moderates, the Middle Class and Working Class. Only the most cynical and hyper-partisan would view this ad in an unfavorable light.

But my very favorite benefit of this ad is that it stakes a Democratic flag on the hill labeled JOBS and dares anyone to try to remove that flag. Congress dallied around for nine months and in that time couldn’t give birth to even one Jobs Bill. So the President laid claim to the topic with his own Bill. The Democrats have now taken ownership of JOBS; wrestled it away from the 2010 Republicans, and the Obama Administration has created a campaign to sell the passing of the Bill. This advertisement is the soft puppy face of that campaign; the stealth subliminal artifact that can be introduced at will to reinforce the message that the time is now to do something about creating jobs in this country.

As much as the wolf-crying Republicans want to change the subject with yet another threat of a government shutdown; the public simply isn’t taking it seriously. Summer is over. Silly Season is over. The public wants serious conversation and action on jobs and the President’s American Jobs Act is filling the very large void created by the Do Nothing Congress™ and Say Nothing Republican Candidates.

The gap between the message that Congress is delivering and what we’re hearing from the White House is widening every day. The contrast between “Let’s ride this out for 14 months” and “Let’s roll up our sleeves and Get Going” is becoming so stark that it’s well on the way toward taking on a life of its own. I could be wrong about this, but I think the Republicans are running out of cards to play.

This is me hoping that 30 second ad gets a lot of air in all the right places. I think it is a very powerful tool in the campaign to Pass The Bill. The Democrats are learning how to message. And what is the main function of an advertisement? To sell. In the end, our President isn't just a master at politics. He's a master salesman. I believe the American People are ready to buy what he's offering.

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