Come on, Markos. You're not this dumb. But there is something that seems to be giving you the same bliss many in the Tea Party enjoy from ignorance.

See, suddenly, Markos Moulitsas, the proprietor of Daily Kos, is all up in the newest poutrage from the Professional Left, that the President postponed his jobs address to Congress for a day after Republican Speaker Boehner refused - for the first time in history - to abide by the President's requested time. In Markos' world, if only Obama had "stood strong" and pushed on a schedule in Congress, everything would be fine. Never mind the President is not a member of Congress and has no control over the schedule of Congress and can't just go and speak whenever he wants to without being invited.

What's interesting is that Markos presents a collage of newspaper headlines to prove his point about just how weak the President is. Here is the collage, with some highlights from me:

Irony One: Presenting a collage with Obama Administration's strength to prove weakness

So in order to make the point that "whatever Obama is doing, it's not working", because supposedly Obama gives in too much to conservatives. Markos presents a collage of headlines that show:
  • The Obama Justice Department taking anti-trust laws seriously and moving to block the uber-corporate merger of AT&T and T-Mobile (four headlines showing those, interestingly in this collage, the same number of headlines on the jobs address moving back),
  • An unabashed success of the President's foreign policy in Libya and Gaddafi's ouster, and
  • Michelle Bachman's complete crazy-queen image is not helping her.
Sorry, this is all supposed to prove that Obama is selling out to conservatives, umm, how? This is the collage Markos wants us to see, mind you, mostly filled with news of the President's standing up for consumer protection and a strong and inclusive foreign policy.

By the way, his own presentation of even the schedule headlines belie his own poorly constructed point that had the president yielded immediately (rather than first pointing out that Boehner's office was consulted and did not raise objections until after the President sent the letter), everything would also be fine. Markos is smarter than to think that had the White House not pointed that out, the media would have left this alone.

Irony Two: "Progressive" goes after the President instead of taking Republicans to task on utter disrespect for the president and the American people

Interestingly enough, Markos' focus is not on what the president's proposals for job creation will actually be when he speaks in front of Congress; he is more concerned that it will happen 24 hours later than previously thought. Even more interestingly, Markos has not a thing to say about the unprecedented disrespect and arrogance that Speaker Boehner and Republicans have displayed towards the President and the disregard they have shown for the economic woes of Americans. It goes to show you just where Markos' concerns lie. Not with the Republican petulance and destruction, and not even with the plight of the American people. No, it's all about how his political advice would save Obama from doom.

Irony Three: Markos becomes "traditional media's" accomplice
I also found something else funny. Markos has always sold Daily Kos as a place to dissect the headlines and do the job that the "traditional media" is too corrupt and too incompetent to do. Now the same Markos is making a case for his "Obama sucks" meme with ... you guessed it... traditional media headlines. Good to see Daily Kos has now gone from "getting tomorrow's newspaper today" to "using this morning's newspaper headline cut-out to stoke my ego." Just fantastic.


Of course, Markos follows it up with numbers from Gallup showing the President's approval rating in the low 40's .

He conveniently skips the fact that Clinton and Reagan both had approval ratings in the high 30s at similar points in their presidencies, and both went on to handily win re-election. And, by the way, rootless yesterday performed a complete takedown of the Professional Left meme about how the President's ratings are down because he is perceived as unprincipled. In fact, rootless showed that this view is a fringe view. (see chart to the left).

Not that Markos' post is likely to win him a lot of friends from the firebagger side, either. He calls them the "idiot fringe" that wants a primary challenge. But Markos, I gotta tell you something, dude. If you don't want to be thought of as part of that idiot fringe, then please stop repeating their talking points. Go to Egotists Anonymous. Get help.

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