Huffpo suddenly has epiphany on debt limit deal; agrees with TPV

Is Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post stealing material off The People's View? I don't know. But he sure as hell sounded a lot like me last night on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.

Yes, this is the Washington Bureau Chief of the same establishment that went completely apeshit over the debt limit deal when it was announced back a couple of months ago. Apparently HuffPo has just discovered a few things about the debt limit deal: (a) the "automatic" cuts that the professional whiners were having a cow over don't go into effect till 2013, by which time a presidential election will have intervened, (b) at that same time the Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire (ahem, automatic revenue trigger), and (c) there is no such thing as "automatic" cuts and Congress can go back and stop those cuts any time they want. Like, for example, if the "supercommittee" gridlocks, then Congress can still go back and prevent cuts, changes in the tax code, etc. etc. Hmm, I wonder where you've heard this before.

Of course, we are not going to mention here that it was this same Ryan Grim that totally freaked out about the 'supercommittee' just as the deal was being finalized. I'm glad Huffpo is suddenly getting this awakening moment. But you know, they would have known all of  this two months ago had they actually read the deal they were busy screaming about. Or if they just read TPV. Coulda saved themselves a bit on blood pressure medication.

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