Just found this Blog Post where a woman says she cannot leave her house because of "the gays":
"The same people who say I shouldn't impose my morality on them, are imposing immorality on me and my children to the point that I literally have a hard time even leaving my home anymore to do something as simple as visit the park. And this is freedom?"
Blog Post:Can't Even Go to the Park.* (Editor's note: see end if you must click on this link)

This woman is serious. She is not playing. She truly thinks she and her children are being damaged by the mere existence of 'the gays'. This is no different to how people treated blacks in this country when they tried to swim in swimming pools or marry out of their race or, for heavens sake even tried to exist.

I was not surprised and this saddens me. Why? because I have now fully come to accept that hate like this in this country is endemic. This has been the ugly secret that was hidden under a thin veneer for many decades but now it is clear to see. Minorities, especially African-Americans, have known this forever and basically have come to terms with it. However, there are many who seem genuinely surprised that a black President did not bring about the racial harmony that they thought he could magically bring about just by his election. So many have been and are still in denial about the hate that runs through the very fabric of this country.

Just take a cruise online or listen to radio or watch tv, especially Fox, and the hate is right in our faces and our children's face every day, all day. I am afraid it is having a very negative result on this country's collective conscience. Here are two comments I found just cruisin' on a site one day. They stood out to me because they did not address the article in question they just blasted each other.
28 minutes ago (7:21 AM)
"R E P U B L I C A N Y S: Hateful, unforgiving christians."

7 minutes ago (7:42 AM)
"Democrats have no morals, no values, no decency. It is a proven fact."

8 minutes ago (7:40 AM)
"Democrats: hateful, mean spirited, socialists. Look at the condition of Califorina, the democratic crown jewel. Califorina is what they want all of the U.S. to look like".
I can no longer read the comments on blogs anymore. Paul Krugman, who is not a favorite of mine, wrote a short post about the Years of Shame. In essence he was saying that he was disgusted by those, who caused the problems of 9/11, parading around this weekend. He disabled the comments because he knew what would be unleashed. However, they wrote about their hate in other blogs. There is no way to escape it.

Last night's Tea Party debate on CNN elicited cheers after Ron Paul answered Wolf Blitzer's question about if he would let a 30 year-old man die if he did not have health insurance. Paul gave a word salad for his reply but crowd cheered and some shouted "LET HIM DIE!" What can anyone say to this. At the last debate they cheered when Perry showed pride that he had executed 234 people in Texas. It is grim out there.

Last night on Lawrence O'Donnell show Ronald Reagan's daughter basically said that the whole Republican Presidential field disgusted her. Watch full video of Patty Reagan telling Lawrence how she abhorred them and how they are disgracing the memory of her Dad. I did not like what she said about Obama though but was not surprised she felt that he was just as bad. Sad when people cannot be clear eyed even when they are trying to be clear eyed. So I went to bed and woke up just the same way I have since the birth of the crazy Tea Party. In my heart I want to believe that the scummy hate that lives out in the open in this country for all to see will eventually wear itself out. But then I see the results of a RepubTeaParty debate and my head tells me 'no' this mess is only just getting started.

Hate is truly breeding hate in this country. I am an optimistic person but it is getting harder to stay that way. I have to make strenuous efforts in my life daily to cleanse the crap that comes in from everywhere.

My husband told me, when President Obama was elected, that things were going to get worse. I did not believe him. However, he is an African-American man who works in the Corporate world and sees the hate every day. He knew that life was about to get harder. He was so right. Since President Obama has been elected life has gotten harder for him at the office. He hears abuse against the President in the bathroom when people think they cannot be heard. He sees it in the way he is treated everyday by people who are not as qualified as he is. He tells me that he keeps going because it is what he has always done and he has to support his family. It is only when he gets home that he can unload and relax. I know his life made even more stressful because of the daily animus but so are many African-Americans and other minorities who have to work to support their families. My husband did better financially under Bush but he still remained a Democrat because he believes in the Party's Principles and philosophy. He is not waiting for a handout as those in the RepubTeaParty would have everyone believe. Our family is taxed to the max and we are ok with that because we believe that paying our taxes is the patriotic thing to do for our country. Yet, he goes to work everyday to be around people who do not even look at him or address him. He is the only African-American in the entire office.

This country has a decision to make and I am interested to see what that decision will be. I believe that Rick Perry will be the Republican Nominee. We will see if this country is so prejudiced that they will choose an obviously flawed candidate over our President, who is not perfect, but has his heart in the right place with regards to this country. He has shown, with his record and with his very being, that he believes in America. What more do they want? They want his failure and even worse. What a shame!

I cannot wait to see America's choice for President for 2013 because that choice will tell the world who we truly are as a people and a country.

Get out and vote. Do the right thing for America. This country needs you more than ever.

* (original link - editor's note, I'd rather not give this woman more traffic, but it's just for sourcing).

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