The Fierce Advocate for Consumers Goes to Washington

Obama caves! It suuuucks that he didn't nominate Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau! We're sooo disappointed! Some of us said that well, other than the fact that her nomination would only set up a huge brawl in DC without actually any chance of confirmation or any chance of exposing the Republicans' real obstruction agenda, the White House has a hand behind pushing her to run for the Senate in the Bay State. Well, don't look now but Elizabeth Warren is in. She's just formally announced her run for Senate in Massachusetts.

“Washington is rigged for big corporations,” Warren continued. “A big company, like GE, pays nothing in taxes, and we’re asking college students to take on even more debt to get an education? We’re telling seniors they may need to learn to live on less? It isn’t right, and it’s the reason I’m running.”

“We have a chance to help rebuild America’s middle class. We have a chance to put Washington on the side of families. We can do this together,” Warren says in her announcement video. - Announcement press release.
Now there is a woman with grit, grace, staying power, and the Republicans' worst nightmare. In a lot of ways, Elizabeth Warren possesses the qualities of President Obama - specifically qualities it takes to lead and to govern. She's fierce, a progressive thinker, and a pragmatic doer. She has been an unwavering ally of President Obama's financial reform and consumer protection actions, and her greatest quality is this: she knows that America's future is about the American people, not about one person. She did the hard work of setting up the Consumer Protection Bureau knowing that she would not head it because what matters most is the agency's future and its role is protecting the American consumer. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: the thing I like the most about Elizabeth Warren is that she has no ego.

So, uh, if you haven't signed up for Elizabeth Warren yet, go to and do it now! Let's make Scott Brown's nightmare a reality. :-)

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