DailyKos: the new liberal media still working for the old Republican machine

Kos is repeating Boehner's spin. Did the President only get 2% of what he wanted? Well, let me rephrase that: did the strong, decisive, manly Republicans crush the weak caving Democrats and get everything they asked for plus a cringing apology? Well of course they did- ask them yourself. The sole source for 2% is Boehner's claim he got 98% of what he wanted. That's our Progressive media. If you want to see a Democratic analysis of the debt limit deal you have to go outside DailyKos and read it here. . But if you want a good summary of how short-sighted single issue politics, disunity, self-interest, and lack of media saavy keeps Democrats repeating Republican messaging, I suggest this book. Maybe its author needs to re-read it.

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