Biden on 17th Anniversary The Violence Against Women Act

Today is the 17th anniversary of The Violence Against Women Act.

Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance on The View to talk about the Act's accomplishments over the years. He also addressed an issue that is prevalent in today's society, which is teen violence. The Vice President was very adamant about the importance of giving our young people tools that would help them to deal with issues of violence.

On September 13th, Vice President Biden released a statement from the White House in which he "called on high school and college students to share their ideas for how to prevent dating violence and sexual assault at their schools and on their college campuses. Over the next two weeks, young men and women are invited to join this important conversation by submitting their ideas via the new page or by using the hashtag #1is2many on Twitter..."

Today's technology makes it easy for young people to connect with one another in ways that parents would have never imagined. It is important that work such as this is publicized so that parents and students in middle school through high and college know that there are people working on their behalf if ever they should need help.

On The View today, Vice President Biden brought along two women with him to talk about their situations and how the Act helped them . Both of the women, a teenager who was raped and then shot in the face by her boyfriend, and a mother whose daughter murdered her boyfriend are raising awareness by speaking out about their experiences. They both are fighting to get laws passed to protect teens against violence.

Whoopee made an important point that is sometimes missed in the whole debate surrounding violence against women. She told Vice President Biden that it was important that women should also know that they should not hit men to provoke them.

“The only way we’re going to stop it is for all of us to speak up and act and make it clear that violence against women will not be tolerated at your school, on your campus, at any time, for any reason period,” Vice President Biden says in the video message. “No means no. No means no if she’s drunk or you’re sober. No mean no if you’re in a dorm room or on the street. No means no even if she said yes first and changed her mind. No means no, no matter what.”

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