Are You Paying Attention - Public Policy Polling: Obama leads Romney by 4, Perry by 11 nationally

So you ask how President Obama is doing? Well, I got news for all the relentlessness smack down this President gets from the Professional Left and Teabagging Right, while the real Democratic "base" and moderate independents are with him and know who the right person is for the job of the Presidency. Photobucket
From Public Policy Polling: Obama leads Romney by 4, Perry by 11 nationally
Obama tops Romney, 49-45, up from a 45-all tie in PPP’s August national poll. He leads Rick Perry, 52-41 (49-43 in August); Newt Gingrich, 53-41; and Michele Bachmann, 53-39 (50-42). Were voters given the choice to reconsider the 2008 election, they would still elect Obama, but by only five points (51-46), when he actually won by seven, indicating some voters have changed their minds, but that not just any GOP nominee will do. The president’s more solid standing in the Perry and Romney horseraces comes from consolidating his party support. He was losing 13% of Democrats to each candidate in August, but only 11% to Romney and 9% to Perry now. Obama has meanwhile upped his own crossover support, from 5% to 9% of Republicans versus Romney and 10% to 11% against Perry. The president leads Perry by ten points with independents, but Romney tops Obama by two with them. Americans are at odds with the Republican candidates on some of their controversial statements. 54% believe in global warming, and 51% in evolution. Only 37% do not believe in each. Only 10% would support eliminating Social Security, while 82% would not. Only 20% agree with Perry that the program is a “Ponzi scheme,” and 70% do not. Even Republicans disagree on that, 39-49.In just three weeks Barack Obama has nearly doubled his lead over Rick Perry,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “That would seem to be an indication that Perry’s comments about Social Security are giving him trouble with swing voters.”
So you know what progressives must continue to say about Rick Perry right? "Ponzi scheme" and drill it home today, tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month and the months after next. We must continue to make sure his legs won't heal. From Public Policy Polling: Social Security hurting Perry?
Americans strongly disagree with the statements Rick Perry made about Social Security in last week's Republican Presidential debate, and Barack Obama has nearly doubled his lead over Perry nationally in the span of just 3 weeks. Only 20% of voters agree with Perry that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme to 70% who dissent from that statement. Democrats (4/87) and independents (20/69) are pretty universal in their disagreement with Perry and even Republicans (39/49) don't stand with him on this one. When it comes to the possibility of actually ending Social Security voters are even more unanimous- 82% oppose taking that step to only 10% who would be supportive of it. If Perry ends up as the Republican nominee and Democrats can effectively convince the electorate that he does want to end Social Security it could be an extremely damaging issue for him.
When Frank Schaeffer spoke about President Obama and the fact we have a great President laying out all the obstacles he went through in the last two and half years, how much he has achieved and how his second term will change America for good, I recall saying after reading his article, Obama Is Now and Will Be a Great President, I am going to make damn sure to do every thing in my power to get President Obama re-elected. Mr. Schaeffer noted:
President Obama wasn't able to walk on water! And he has made mistakes! But he has his feet firmly planted on the ground and understands the reality of what America has become and just where he must function, which is more than his critics can claim. President Obama also keeps proving that compared to the talking-heads he knows how to get things done that actually change lives and matter-- health care reform, gay rights (instead of mere slogans), actual education reform, ending a war, restoring America's image worldwide. We Americans are very lucky people. A sane and compassionate president is in charge. Over an 8 year period he will change American history for the better. Only president Obama's dimwitted and/or hate-filled opponents are unlucky: they are betting against a political genius who also happens to be a very good human being.
PhotobucketWe are going to need more bodies on the ground, more people making phone calls and permanent campaign staff to organize across the country to re-elect President Obama and many Democrats. All of that will require money to win the battle for the Presidency in 2012. In this economy, many of us are financially strapped one way or another and at times it may not be possible to extend our hands for donations. However, if you are able to, please donate using the OFA tool by clicking the image below and do what you can. I don't know about you but I feel good so here is James Brown singing...I feel good:

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