9/11 Evening (and the DK Purge) Open Thread

Since the other threads were getting too long, I wanted to just start an open thread for the evening. Sorry I haven't got much of a chance to participate in the threads, but I just finished my 100 mile bike ride!

Reading the comments, I can see the hurt and the outrage from the Daily Kos purge hammer coming down disproportionately on African Americans and women. I fully sympathize with and share the sentiments, and TPV's doors will always be open to those for whom respect for the first African American president of the United States is not a four letter word. TPV is a community that knows and has confronted racism on the Left, and we have never been shy about pointing it out. Continue the conversation here in this thread.

With that, again, the floor is yours, and I wanted to share a couple of videos from today with you all. The first one is the president's address at the Kennedy Center noting the resilience of the American people in the past 10 years.

And the second, the Vice President's address at the Flight 93 memorial services from yesterday:

You will have to forgive me again if I am unable to participate heavily in this thread. I am deep into researching something that is turning out to be stunning. Yes, it will be on TPV soon. :-) But let me just say a welcome to all the new people here at The People's View. Thank you for being here, however you found us. Hopefully we can provide a suitable blog-home for you. In that same breath, let me also issue a warning to people who I know are bound to show up here to try to cause disruptions. Please read the rules. TPV is NOT Daily Kos. Long time participants here know that I am not queasy with my moderation. We do not treat respect for the President, for other participants here and for our contributors as something optional.

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