What Is Being A Responsible Democrat?

PhotobucketA Dailykos front pager writes,
It would be irresponsible for responsible Democrats not to make their voices heard. It would be irresponsible for responsible Democrats not to be very clear about what they consider to be unacceptable outcomes. It would be irresponsible for responsible Democrats not to continue to define what it means to be responsible Democrats. It is never wrong for Democrats to stand up for what is right.
I agree but how far must a responsible Democrat go to be an irresponsible Democrat?

Would it be irresponsible for a responsible Democrats to uprate comments that say there is NO substantive difference between Obama and Bush or claim that the President is criminal or serves criminally selfish elites or embrace statement that claims the responsible Democrat'scontempt for Obama is stronger than it was for Bush or call for his impeachment or address President Obama as "that fucking piece of shit" or call him a "Constitutional Rapist" all in one comment?

Yes, I think it is irresponsible for irresponsible Democrats to literally say I am rooting for a Teabagger to win the White House or I am voting for a Republican or Green for President and still be considered a responsible Democrats. Moreover, 100 plus critics of the President uprate such comment and can be considered responsible Democrats to have an outlet to continue undermining our Democratic President.

Is it responsible to using offensive and filthy racist video to undermine and demonize President Obama and then ask the question Why Are We So Afraid to Debate a Primary Challenge to President Obama? not to mention the racist nature of that post got 153 "likes" to reaffirm that it is ok for responsible Democrats to use such racists video to undermined a Democratic President.

Oh, there are a lot of irresponsible stuff that are said in progressive sites by so many so called responsible Democrats but you don't find Dailykos front pagers running to tell these responsible Democrats how irresponsible and counter productive they are but in fact it appears they are encouraged by some so called responsible Democrats to continue to fling vile personal attacks that are hateful and appalling towards the President in the name of dissent. Right! What is funny is when responsible Democrats challenge them, they claim these responsible Democrats fear dissent because it reveals some kind of truth and somehow threatens them personally. I guess fling right wing talking point in a Democratic site is not a threat to the Democratic Party and progressive agenda. I guess the alternative to losing the White House for a Republican does not threaten some responsible Democrats.

I think it is irresponsible for responsible Democrats to continue to define what it means to be responsible Democrats if it serves to hinder electing more and better Democrats. I also think it is irresponsible not to push back against irresponsible Democrats when they promote RW talking points.

I say...

Be wary of they that would use dissent to tar the Democratic Party, a Democratic President and progressive agenda. "Consider their motives. Consider their means. Feel free to disagree. With them or me."

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